Chromium's Backyard Birds #7


Meet the Finch Family

More and more different birds continue to show up at the yard to take advantage of the abundant recorces that are available to them here.
Many are here for the bugs, grubs, and worms as they are for the feeders.The latest family to show up are the finches. I started spotting them shortly after the Woodpeckers showed up.... Looks like woord is spreading in the bird world to come on by.


Meet Papa Finch.
As with most birds the male is the looker, being brightly colored, more vocal, and out and about in the open.
The females tend to be more muted in color and behavior.
Males Finches also help the females feed and raise thier young.

Papa Finch is sitting up in the Plum tree waiting for the Sparrows to clear off the seed feeder before grabbing it's little one a snack.


They bounced around a bit but I managed to get a good shot of the juvinile and Dad before they flitted up into the thicker foliage.
Look at those eyelashes.


Not sure where Mom is right now but I imagine she is close by.


Above, the Sparrows continue to squabble over choise seeds at the seed feeder and the Finches move to the other side of the yard and meet up with Mom.


A shot of all three with Dad at the top, Jr. in th middle, and Mom at the bottom of the image.


The little one is hungry and begs for food often.



The Finches have moved off, but no sooner as they do, Momma Woodpecker flys into the Plum tree and makes her way to the Suet feeder for a quick bite or three before bug hunting.
Her little one must be about here somewhere as well.


The Woodpeckers don't feed very often on the suet, Mom here will eat a few chunks and then grab a chunk for the kid to start off, then hunt for bugs the reat of the time.


After feeding on the Suet she flew down to the grassy hillside and was quickly joined by the juvinile who got a chunk of Suet and waits for Mom to catch some bugs.


Below. Mom has one and there is a little squak from Jr. and lunch is served.



She got 4 or 5 er ... whatevers and they were quickly gobbled down as offered, very quickly. Only had a few chanses to try and get a shot of the acual feeding.... in focus.


After feeding Jr. some Suet and half dozen bugs it was time for a drink out of my new little bird fountain... maybe.... For the love of god use the fountain..... It's been sitting there for weeks... UNUSED =/


She eyed it closely, listened to the water running back into the resivor ...... and opted to drink some warm dirty water from the rim at the bottom.....

We Interrupt This Feathered Friends Post for his Special Report.
Serial Killer Spotted in Neighborhood !!!
Feathered and Small Furry Friends Advised to EVACUATE the Area Until Further Notice.


Parents warned against flying lessions for the next few days and told to use caution when using feeders.
This Has Been a Feathered Friends Special Report.
Se now return you to you to the ending of your normal post....

Alllrighty then, with the apperance of our cute furry little searial killer here it seem our photo session has come to an end so I'll leave you with this shot of Papa Finch feeding the little one as the Sun sets for the day.


Happy Friday Everyone !!!

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I'll upvote to support the birds but that squirrel needs to get a job and earn an honest living 😁 Great pics and fun story 👍


Lovely! so many great moments of their secret life captures here.
have a !PIZZA as an extra 🍕