Splinterlands Weekly Challenge | The great Attack/Defense power of "Defender of Truth".


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It is a pleasure and an honor to be in this week sharing with you content about this great game "play2earn" called "Splinterlands", where we are able to generate income doing what we love the most which is playing video games. As every week I want to thank the whole @splinterlands team and specially @carrieallen, who has supported me since I started in this game.

This time, the challenge is about using a life Splinter card called "Defender of Truth", which I find very interesting, as it is a card that can really strengthen the defense of our whole team. It is certainly not a card that I use very regularly, but evaluating in this challenge its abilities and power, it can be very interesting to use it in battles with specific rules.

Now, having said that, I will start describing how was my battle using this great skill. Join me...

Defender of Truth is an "Epic" type card that comes from the older "Alpha and Beta" editions of the game. A "Splinter of Life" monster that can be underestimated for its low stats at lower levels and for lacking numerous abilities capable of facing opponents in endless scenarios and/or rules, but that, certainly evaluating all its stats, can be really fearsome in battle, especially because the mana to be able to summon it to the battlefield is really only 4 points, which is low and very acceptable if we place its great attack power in perspective.

Now, among its statistics we have that, as I said, it has a mana of only 4 points to be summoned, which makes this card extremely good for battles that require very little mana, on the other hand, from its level 1, it has 3 points of speed, 1 point of magic attack and shield and 3 points of life, which is not bad, but as it goes up in level it becomes much stronger, as in my case I have managed to acquire it at a pretty good level which is 5. At this level my card already has the ability called "Protect", which increases the shield of all all allied monsters by 2 points, in addition it has a destructive magic power of 3 points, a speed of 4 points, quite good indeed and 4 points of life quite acceptable, considering that the cost to summon it is very low.

Undoubtedly a very good card that can serve as defense and attack at the same time.

My battle was not easy or at least that's what I thought when I saw at first sight my opponent's summoner, however, after checking again both teams, I realized that I had great chances to beat the great "Chanceus the Great", because my attack power was much stronger than his, focusing on the melee attack, taking advantage that I have cards in my "Life" team very good for this style of fighting. His mistake was not to put more attack power and focus on just protecting his Tank both in health and defense, which would not do much good, if he did not have how to beat my strongest monsters that did great damage every time they managed to hit an attack, not to mention the battle rule where everyone gets the great ability of "Blast".


Link to my Battle🏆

Rule of my Battle

Explosive Weaponry & Broken Arrows with 32 Mana.

  • Mana: 32
  • Explosive Weaponry: All Monsters have the “Blast” ability
  • Broken Arrows: Ranged attack Monsters may not be used in battles.

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This was the summoner I chose to be able to face my battle and the challenge, this summoner may be underestimated by many, but it is actually a very strong card that gives a great ability to the whole team, which is to provide a "Divine Shield" to all my formation, which protects all my monsters when they attack it for the first time reducing the damage to "Zero". My strategy was to get a turn ahead, taking advantage of the fact that all their first attacks would miss, which as the battle went on would give me an advantage in health and defense of my cards.

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Silvershield Paladin

I can't think of another card in the first position as my default tank called "Silvershield Paladin", because, not only he has a strong defense that allows him to greatly reduce the damage of each attack thanks to his "Shield" ability, but because for a practically low mana cost, I have a great tank difficult to beat and that can return magical attacks to his opponents thanks to his second ability called "Magic Reflect". This in addition to his average attack power of 2 points and the "Divine Shield", gave him the opportunity to beat his "Shieldbearer" that he possessed as a tank.

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Silvershield Knight

As I mentioned before, my main strategy was to fight with cards with the ability to attack "Melee" with the ability to "Sneak" mainly, but in my battles of this type that focus on physical strength and contact, you can not miss my "Silvershield Kinght", this is because with his great ability to "Inspire", gives my entire team the ability to get 1 additional point in the melee attack. However, his "Pierce" and "Trample" abilities make him even more dangerous if he manages to defeat one of my opponent's cards, especially with his "Trample" ability. Also, as the "Divine Shield" granted by my summoner "Lorna", makes him a strong opponent and somewhat difficult to defeat.

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Defender of Truth

This is this week's challenge card and is one of my main attacking cards, but also defensive thanks to his "Protect" ability. Its versatility and fighting adaptability, allows me to defend at the same time as attacking, which is really good, as it can go directly to the life points of my opponent's cards and grant 2 additional shield points to all my cards. This without highlighting its great speed of 4 points being one of the first to attack.

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Silvershield Assassin

This is really the strongest card in my field and the one that is capable of causing the most damage and annoyance to my opponent, since, thanks to its attack power of 2 + 1 thanks to my "Silvershield Knight", which gives an additional attack point to all my cards that are "Melee", my monster gets a significant increase in capabilities bringing the attack to 3 points, It is worth mentioning that he can attack twice in the same turn thanks to his ability called "Double Strike", which makes a total of 6 attack points, not to mention that thanks to his ability "Poison" he is able to have high probabilities of poisoning a card that has hit him with an attack, which would increase the damage in some cases to 8 points, which is simply wonderful.

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Feral Spirit

A really good and useful monster in battle, a very fast and dangerous creature if we know how to use it. Its deadly stats for the level 8 in which it is, are very important, since they are 3 points of attack +1 additional thanks to the "Silvershield Knight", plus 7 points of speed, making this card really powerful for these levels of fighting. It is also the second in command as far as attack power is concerned, having a clear objective which is to defeat the last cards of my enemy, at least this is the strategy that I thought and that I drew just place the order of my cards according to the rules and the available mana..

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This card is not really a useful option to be able to attack, however, its objective in this position was to serve as a decoy to adsorb some sneak attacks from my opponent in case I placed cards with this specific ability. However, this was not the case, so in the development of the battle I can enter in confluence with my "Defender of Truth", to increase 2 additional points to the shields of my cards, adding more defense to my whole team.

My strategy worked much better than I expected, really my opponent had no chance since he focused on protecting only his battle tank, and concentrating all his attack power only on my "Silvershield Paladin", which of course all the rest of my team, took advantage to fulminate my opponent's cards. Badly played, since I did not take full advantage of the great power granted by the great "Chanseus the great". If I try something different, I could test how my "Defender of Truth" works, with some specific battle rules that allow me to exploit its capabilities to the fullest

Honestly it is not a card that I use regularly, because I focus my attack on other strategies that do not focus on magic attack precisely, of course only with the "Splinter of Life" to be more precise. Regarding if I would use it again, the answer is yes, because thanks to this challenge I was able to evaluate its capabilities and it is a very versatile card capable of defending and attacking at the same time.

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