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Welcome to the Best of the Beanies, a curation compilation of some of the top stories from this week's Spill The Beans Creative Writing Prompt.

These authors gave us some amazing content, and we would like to highlight them. We hope that you will take a look at the posts and perhaps vote or leave a comment or a tip for the authors.

Our pick of the top stories covered all the elements of what creative writing involves, and is in keeping with community standards. These authors showed personality and took great pride in creating an epic story that got the judges hooked and wanting more.

The Best of the Beanies, in no particular order - they were all so good! 🙌

Fantastic Grains by @neruel

"I am madness." I hear in the corridor: "The Archduke is dead". The revolt of my thoughts now exalts amidst the very rush of the incoming tide. Fear has been extinguished and torture will become the foundation. Even if the coffee does not appear, they are silent and do not cry out for even a drop of forgiveness.

The list of tortures, retrieving my coffee by @tere.alv

Source- Pixabay

They were all crazy about the sanatorium, searching all the rooms. When they arrived at my room I told them I would give them to them in exchange for the doctor returning the coffee to my diet. They all looked at each other. They were tired of dealing with my tortures. They talked to the doctor and he considered it. He removed the ban from my medical history and everything went back to normal.

Ana Luisa's avenging Feathers by @brujita18

Ana Luisa did not stop tickling all the sensitive parts of the poor man, who even without being able to contain himself in laughter tried to speak and could not, ha, ha, ha, ha, until in a pause he was able to tell her that his beloved coffee was under the bed.

My Sweetest Smile For Your Loss, But Here, Have a Sip. ☕️ by @ayane-chan

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Image edited in Canva.

I felt a little guilty for them and immediately made up for my mistake. I turned on the switch back and ran back to the kitchen. “Who’s in the mood for a cup of brewed coffee?” I asked them cheerfully. They nodded, and I proceeded. My two brothers went back in as we were merrily sipping our coffee. Their eyes were locked on me as I gave them my sweetest smile with the unspoken words it coveys which says, “I outsmarted you, buddies.”

Coffee To Die For by @deeanndmathews

Image by kiberstalker from Pixabay


“But it's just coffee!” “Perhaps you should have thought of that, Sammy. Coffee to die for – what's going to make for some kind of explanation, wherever you are going.” “You've got to be kidding me!” Col. Lee drew his revolver, cocked it, and aimed it.

Revenge is a dish best served cold (or baked) by @sofiaquino98

Caroline (9:05 p.m.): Oh, I forgot to tell you! It's a new feng shui strategy I read about on the internet.... swap the sugar jar for the salt jar 😘🌈 to improve the energies at home and you know, purify the environment. Lola (9:06 p.m.): WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY? Caroline (9:07): YES, A LITTLE BIT!!! SINCE YOU HID THE COFFEE JAR. Lola (9:08): 😡YOU'RE ADDICTED! Caroline (9:09): I JUST WANT MY COFFEE IN THE MORNINGS 😡[Lola has sent a voice note with a lot of swearing][Caroline has sent another voice note with cursing and a couple more swear words].

Diary of a frozen coffee lover. Dead end during the Aphelion phenomenon by @chacald.dcymt

Day 25: My house has become a battlefield. It's them against me. This morning I went into the router and changed the password. Now no one has wifi but me. If they want to connect to the internet they will have to pay with coffee.

Poltergeist by @universoperdido

Cover created with playgroundai

I planned to make my sister think that her room was haunted. Push her into insanity until she confessed where my coffee bag was hidden. I took some clear nylon threads and tied them to the objects in her room. I positioned myself behind the wall to manipulate them from there. When night fell, I played a soundtrack of ghostly sounds on my phone. She woke up agitated and it was at that moment that I made the objects rise in front of her.

➤ What I learned from Machiavelli by @susurrodmisterio


My bad mood was evident that day, I practically took them all through the most complicated paths of the nearby mountains at a jogging pace, and negative evaluations were coming out everywhere as if I were the worst soccer referee issuing red cards, I could feel how the fear of scraping the material and with it their grade project, ran through their delicate teenage minds, just like the beads of sweat that soaked all their clothes for the long walk.

The travel cup! by @simplifylife


Image created using NightCafe AI

No, no. We hid away all your coffee. We hid away your coffee machine and everything. How are you still getting your coffee? Now that the confession was out, Reynolds smiled again. He opened the cover of the cup and showed them. Inside it was not some glorious-looking coffee, but just plain WATER! They all looked sheepishly as Reynolds burst into laughter. The prank had reached the level of legends!

Arthur's tiny tragedy. by @jetta.amaya


Arthur was smiling, the excitement of seeing his family fall apart made him forget about the coffee for a moment. He stared at Antonella and said in a calm voice: -This will teach you not to mess with me, much less with my beloved coffee. When Arthur's mother heard this, she ran to the kitchen. For she herself had moved Arthur's coffee, never imagining that her son would react in this way.

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