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Baruch's Coffee Roasting ☕️ by @misshugo

The Baruch's Coffee Roastery! It was established in 1998, so it has been around for some time. I've never heard of the Roastery before and I basically grew up in Mossel bay but from my understanding, it hasn't been in this specific location for very long... This was quite a piece of art. Antique tea cups and grinder thingies from coffee machines.

Xanh + - A very chill cafe in the midst of immense nature by @dodovietnam

Located in the midst of immense nature, the space of the cafe is peaceful and the surrounding atmosphere is also extremely fresh. I believe you will feel very relieved when you come here. I think that peaceful atmosphere makes those who come here also become more gentle and friendly. Even the dogs at this cafe are very chill. I caught a dog sitting on the road watching the sunset for hours.

Nespresso recycling pods joys of 3D printing by @diveratt

The Store has had a reorganisation and can no longer take the recycle pods. So what to do?
Time to check out Thingiverse and fire up the 3D printer. It didn’t take long to find something suitable. This set of prints consists of a cutter, a scoop to remove the coffee grounds and a storage pot to keep them all in one place.

Arisan Rekindles Friendship by @aswita

After 4 years, we finally met again, some of them were still working at that company, and some had other jobs at other companies. Various reasons made us meet again with complete members. We met at one of the coffee shops that became our highlight for a meeting, the reason was simple, this coffee shop was close to our respective homes.

My story of how my love for coffee grew ☕❤️ by @paolamandelbaum

I was so excited to finally know what it tasted like so without waiting any longer I took a sip of that coffee and spit it out hahaha.🤦🏻‍♀️ It was the most bitter taste in all my short existence I had tasted, I decided not to continue drinking it and discarded the rest that was left in the cup to leave no trace. I began to arrange everything just as I had found it, trying to leave as little trace as possible which bandala and I was about to have a victory when my mom cleared her throat, she had seen everything hahahaha.

Coffee, elixir of love by @charjaim

I believe that what made grandmother's coffee special was not precisely the cup, but the smell of firewood, which complemented it, because my grandmother boiled the water in the stove where she also made the arepas. Coffee was synonymous with home, love, protection and stories, you had to see how the adults talked, while they tasted that famous liquid. My grandmother would go in silence to see her plants and enjoy her first cup alone.

How to Make and Brew Milo Espresso by @isdarmady

Even in coffee shops, we can find various menus of coffee combined with various ingredients, one of which combines coffee and Milo. Because of that, this time I want to share the recipe for making one of my favorite coffee signatures, Milo Espresso.

How to appreciate Red Bourbon coffee beans fullest? by @chaodietas

Kaldi is a Venezuelan coffee company created in 2015. It has a commercial line where it offers a variety of coffee beans grown in the country. Kaldi is a Venezuelan coffee company created in 2015. It has a commercial line where it offers a variety of coffee beans grown in the country.

Coffee time, the time to taste the coffee by @castm2

That day at home, my wife and I accompanied this cup of coffee with some cookies. Not bad, according to my palate this coffee had a pleasant taste and smell, giving me the security of offering others peace of mind with the product I would give. "A nice coffee"

Acai coffee: is this experience worth it? by @helgalubevi

Açaí: a powerful and delicious fruit
Açaí is a small fruit from an Amazon palm tree that can reach up to 20 meters in height. Almost everything is used: the trunk, the palm heart, the leaves, and, of course, the tasty fruit, which is the basis for the production of a purple cream that is much appreciated by Brazilians.

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