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Review about Coffee Roaster Ccs coffee shop by @eollarvesm

I preferred to try directly in the coffee shop, a well-known variety which is the classic Frappuccino, but they give it their gourmet touch, which I liked, plus the atmosphere is spectacular, it has a large window in the background from which you can see the Avila mountain which gives a very nice scenic view to the experience of enjoying this great coffee.

Ice or Eis Coffee? by @leaky20

"Two ice coffees please," in English of course, not even bothering to attempt to speak German, as any good English tourist would do. A few moments later the waitress set our drinks down on the table and promptly walked away. I looked at the drinks and then looked at my wife. "Is that what we ordered? It looks liked there is ice cream in it..."

Candu Coffee and Space by @titisnariyah

CANDU has the meaning of something that causes you to want to repeat it continuously (addict). Maybe the intention of the owner of this cafe is that visitors who have been here will keep coming back to hang out here. Hm... unique and hopeful from the name, right? Dominated by blue and white colors, Candu Café gives off a friendly and calm vibe.

Coffeelicious - 2023 by @riz611

Everyone was at the café before the clock hit 5 PM, perfect timing for a cup of coffee on a cold winter evening. These guys are fairly punctual when it comes to food haha, they've maintained their timing quite well so far throughout every event and meetup.

I have an open letter and a cup of coffee to share with you ✍️🌹 by @ninamarcano

I have had days of reflection where I have asked myself many times how I can connect with people without ceasing to be me. In a world where the first impression is what counts, and you are seen as someone who has no emotions or rather, who does not know how to express their emotions and prefers to keep quiet before making mistakes that no one will think about.

Coffee and friends, the best Mood booster by @devyswan1

KOPTE, a small coffee shop on the side of the road is sometimes even more comfortable. Like the shop that I often go to, for example. The name of the shop is Kopte. This shop is very simple and located on the side of the road, but this is one of my and my friends' favorite shops.

A New Friend. by @drivingindevon


It all began with long nights; with hours that felt decades-long and workloads that felt like mountains, it all began with long nights and too much to do with too little time that moved like a sloth. There is just something about that bitter taste, you know? It made the nights bearable, and I had gone back to it again and again

Coffee Brewing Competition by @gituuuttt

A coffee cupping competition is an event where coffee professionals and enthusiasts come together to evaluate and compare different coffees. The competition typically involves participants evaluating a set of coffees based on factors such as aroma, flavor, acidity, body, and aftertaste.

Coffee latte at Cafe Hopping? by @luueetang

Golden question mark with black background colour. I guess, this logo easily creates some sort of anxiety when you past by this place. They have coffee, cakes and freshly baked cookies. One of the most important features that has to be there has got to be good airconditioning.

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