#KISS - Minimalism, goodbye mental fatigue

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Hello my dear friends I am very happy to be back visiting this community had that we can talk freely about minimalism and its benefits, this day I want to participate in the weekly initiative #KISS and share with you some of my experience and my current lifestyle, I hope that what I share with you can benefit you.

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Option 3.

Write about how you have used minimalism to keep mental fatigue at bay and give examples of what your life was like before, and what led you to view things differently.

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A few weeks ago I told you what my life was like before, I worked excessively in order to have enough money to give my family what I didn't have, this became a big responsibility and when I managed to have enough money I felt very bad, like I had failed. This whole situation filled me with a lot of stress and in fact that stress led me to suffer from high blood pressure, so it was not a good thing to have such a busy life full of excessive shopping.

I think that I would not have adopted this type of life if I had not gone through the situations I went through, maybe I would still be the same and doing the same things that were affecting my mental health so much, however, I had to learn to live with only the necessary, I learned to do many things on my own and to give my children instead of material things, energy and quality time, of course this did not benefit, because we became much more united as a family.

So I can say that the minimalist lifestyle, in which less is always more, one can feel much calmer, it is not necessary to have too many things to be happy, we can have a good attitude and solve with our own hands what we need, not only at home, stop having so many artifacts and ornaments here and there, but also in our mind stop having so many worries and stress because of all that we must do and get because if, because that was what they were always taught.

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By nature human beings are changeable and everything around us is always changing, but adopting a life without too many things helps us to know how to adapt to any situation, and to prefer things that are really valuable in an emotional sense, what things that cost a lot of money and even worse that cost our mental health, I have been living positively for several years now because my mentality has changed, in the process I have learned to do many things, such as making my own sponges for washing dishes, cooking my own sheets and curtains and I have also learned to let go of material things and thus avoid suffering from the backward losses that sometimes occur in our lives.

I wish I had had this attitude long ago to avoid so many negative things that affect me now, but I am happy to have found beauty in the simple, to have found tranquility at my 50 years, definitely less is so much more, and I want to continue to maintain this way of thinking for the rest of my days because I have realized that it has benefited me a lot emotionally, even economically. Maybe living through an economic crisis is not something we want to go through, however it was this crisis that helped me to understand what was really important, in these moments I could see how many people were emotionally exhausted, and having learned to take things calmly being grateful for what I had, helped me to be calmer in these moments of despair.

I invite my dear daughter-in-law @jemima1996 to participate.


Being calmer and taking things in stride is more beneficial than getting all worked up for things that we have no control over. Also, as you've mentioned, having less tangible possessions can indeed help us to achieve mental clarity.
Thanks for stopping by:)
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Thanks for your #KISS
I enjoyed it 😉

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