Planting from day 1. Now near to harvesting period. (Honey beans (Phaseolus vulgaris))

The beauty of farming is when you plant in your garden, and you see everywhere green. That is when you would smile and say my plants are doing well. If it goes the other way round, you would not be happy about it because if you think of the stress, the fund, and the time invested into it, you would feel bad

After I harvested my corn, I decided to plant beans. This was like two months ago. I went to the market to get the species of beans I would love to plant. The species I got is from the Kingdom to species Phaseolus vulgaris. We call it honey beans because when it's cooked, it tastes sweet. It's the most expensive beans here in Nigeria, so people prefer buying the other species, but the lovers of beans prefer the honey type, so there's still patronage for it. I can categorically say the sweet beans is most popular in Lagos Nigeria, because it's used to prepare "Ewa Agoin" (A special delicacy that most lagosians would not like to miss)

four 44.jpg

When the planting started

I entered my farm one morning and started planting. I was able do half of the space I own. I went back the second day to complete the remaining part I couldn't finish. After a week and a half, I went back to see how the plant was doing, but I was disappointed. Only 20% of what I planted sprouted. I went back home and prepared for another phase of planting. I planted to fill the spaces and waited again to see what would happen. Lo and behold, it was okay

germinate new.jpg

What did I learn

I learned something spectacular from what happened when I planted my beans because this is the first time I would get myself involved in planting and raising a garden and a farm at the same time. Most times when you plant your beans, don't expect all to produce at once. Some would not come up. That's why you need to keep an eye on your garden to see where there's an adjustment. I was able to get this info when I complained that some of the beans I planted didn't pick

I entered several farms to ask farmers questions, and I got the same information. That was when I realized what was happening. I never doubted the info. I went straight to my farm and corrected the natural error

What happened after

After I re-planted, I waited for a week and went back to check what was going on, and I was happy to see my plants calling me to touch the greenish leaves they bringing forth. It was a relief. I was glad. It's my first time, and I was observant and eager to know more. I didn't face any issues when I planted my corn. It went well. That was what gave me the belief that the beans would be as easy as the corn


Okay! More experiments are on the way. Next season, I would plant cowpea. Yes, I've never planted it, I love doing new things. Maybe one day, my research would make me ignorantly plant salt and Maggi, and wait till eternity for the germination. LOL

Now, this is how my farm is doing. Everywhere is filled with beans. They are doing well. In the next few weeks, I would start picking them, and I will definitely post the activities here because I would love anyone that reads this post to see the outcome of the harvest. Farming is sweet. Get a small space and create a garden. Gardening makes us know more about how plant behaves because we see and monitor them daily. I have many vegetables in my garden. I will post about them maybe in my next post. See the beans I started two months back

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People are already harvesting their beans, but because of the challenges I faced, I would have to wait till they start drying before I start harvesting them. That would be in less than 2 weeks. Farming is sweet. When you have a garden, and it gives you what you want, you would feel fresh as the green plants

I love Gardening.

Gardening for life.

Thanks for reading.

This is ckole the laughing gas.

One love.


This vegetable is one of my all-time favorites. They are so delicious. I always use them as an ingredient in a local favorite dish called "Inabraw".