Brawling Guide: Low Mana Novice FIRE Strategies for ClaNFT Brawling

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Recently, our Guild, @clanft-bank gained some new members who have joined for SPS Brawls, and we went up to Tier 2, where we are earning more, but facing more challenge: Many of our players needed to adapt to brawls and needed some strategies. In order to capitalize on this, the Clan and I will be writing a joint series of Strategies focused around Gladiator Cards, and Brawl Strategies for newer, smaller players in each league who are looking to play a bit more competitively.

After finishing Earth, let's move onto Fire, and move through each Splinter in Novice League before switching to Bronze League.

Many of Earth's Gladiators are very powerful low mana monsters, providing significant power in low mana especially, which is why Earth tends to be a very strong pick for low mana. Earth also happens to have one of the few Gladiator cards I would rate S Tier, making it the easiest one to start with, as this makes the strategies here very cut and dry: Novice = Use your highest tier card, except in situations where you don't own it, or can't.

This strategy guide will be for Novice players specifically, and assume all 1 BCX, I am NOT rating these cards for their additional abilities or levels, purely as is.

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Low Mana Strategies

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Tarsa + Sneak is probably the strongest Low Mana Fire build you can go for, and Sneak Builds in general tend to be Fire's best low mana plays anyways.

These will usually look something like this: Tarsa + Scorch Fiend + Antoid Platoon + Orella Abadon + Tenyii Striker + Chaos Agent

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In A+B and Rewards, this usually ends up being something like Malric + Cerberus + Ant Miners + Elven Cutthroat (Or Uraeus!) + Orella Abadon + Kobold Miner

In Untamed, you generally have Serpentine Spy added on to the middle of that Tarsa lineup.

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Pro Tip: Add on Scorch Fiend wherever possible

An Anti Magick team for Low Mana, here's how you shutdown Obsidian users:

Tarsa + Scorch Fiend + Tusk the Wide + Tenyii Striker + Lava Spider

Generally speaking, you will use some combination of Tusk the Wide and Tenyii as your core here, and your goal is to kill everything but the front before it kills Tusk

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Pro Tip: Jacek is a great summoner (and cheap to rent!) for countering Armor and Speed that Fire usually lacks!

Jacek is a pretty dope care that can be used down here too... in this situation, you are probably rocking something like this:

Jacek + Scorch Fiend + Krash Wanderford + Spirit Hoarder + Tenyii Striker

This is NOT the ideal use of Jacek in Low Mana though, for those of you reading: Jacek is best in Low Mana IF you can use Serpentine Spy, in which case he can become very dangerous. The above team will work sometimes, but is not ideal.

As usual, this is to give you an IDEA of what you COULD do, and leave the rest of strategy building in YOUR hands. Good strategy comes from understanding why a team works or doesn't - not from being told what to use by somebody else.

Here's a small list to help you with all of this that you have learned:

  • Untamed Additions: Serpentine Spy really amplifies this basic composition nicely
  • Dice Additions: Aganju is a nice addition for Fire with Tarsa.
  • Gladius Additions: Orella Abadon is usually the best choice in Low Mana for Fire
  • Riftwatcher Additions: For Low Mana, RW does not offer very good Fire additions.
  • Reward Additions: Uraeus is a potent addition for Sneak Comps in A/B, and Furious Chicken is also an excellent rental to add in if you're playing in the A/B Brawls

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Thanks for checking out our Gladius Strategies, we hope they help our newcomers (and yours!) become more potent at brawling with their respective splinters! To support this series, please upvote, as it will allow us to continue them all the way up through Silver currently (We do not currently have experience with max Gold Gladius cards)

Wanna know how more about the Gladiators, check out a tier list here:


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