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Hello everyone, did you guys miss me ? 🙃
Some of us here are information vampires - I am too. So, i believe some did actually miss me or at least my reports. Anyways, I'm back again with some interesting reports from the science and technology space. So my brethren, i guess it's feasting time. 🧛

How Tomatoes and Potatoes Could Be Used To Treat Cancer

While going through this report myself, something crossed my mind and do you know what it was ?
Ok ...before the advent of science, did many of these modern day death threatening diseases exist during the time of our ancestors ?
If they did, how did our ancestors manage to cope with them, thus continuing our existence ?
This report seems to have partly answered the question. Today cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide,though there are drugs for it, the drugs aren't effective enough plus they have side effects. Somehow, it happens that some of the foods we eat seems to possess some form of cure for it but.....keep reading to find out more.

Most humans haven’t evolved to cope with the cold, yet we dominate northern climates – here’s why

We should by now be aware that our planet isn't perfectly spherical, it is a little bit flattened at the poles than at the equator. What this means is that those who reside at the equator are more closer to the sun than those at the poles and it also means that temperatures at the poles are lower (cooler region) than that of the equator (warmer region). We humans first came into existence in Africa, especially at the warmer regions and over time spread all over the world, including the colder regions. Evolutionary speaking, those in the poles (cooler region) are expected to have evolved to cope with the cold. That is, developed biological features that can make them stay in the opened almost exposed and still not get harmed by the cold but that didn't quite happen for most. If an environment doesn't favour you, it's commonsensical to leave such environment but just like we dominate the warmer regions, we also dominate the cooler regions and the question now is, how were we able to survive in the colder regions for long without evolving much biologically to cope with it ?
If you wish to know, then keep reading

One day, there could be a pipeline of oxygen flowing from the moon's south pole

About a few weeks back, we presented a report about the just rekindled lunar mission by NASA - The Artemis mission. Well brethren, it looks like this mission is beyond just visiting the moon, looks like the long dream of colonizing planetary bodies beyond our planet may have just been kickstarted, starting with our moon. This report is presenting us with a proposed plan of the manufacturing and distribution of oxygen on and from the Southern pole of the moon - which happens to be relatively rich in frozen water. This is to help cater for the needs of astronauts who would be staying on the moon.....read more

This rapid-fire laser diverts lightning strikes

Structures located very far away from the ground are at a higher risk of getting damaged by lightning, also there are places that are more prone to lightning strikes and that's why protection is needed. One way of protecting these structures is with the help of "lightning conductors", mostly long metallic conductors - they help to redirect the lightning. Lightning conductor was invented by Benjamin Franklin, over 200 years ago and it's still been used today to protect structures from lightning. But it has it's setbacks, a particular conductor has limit geographically speaking. In this report, researchers have developed another way, and it's with the help of lasers. If you wish to know more, then keep reading here

Iron-Air Batteries Are Here. They May Alter the Future of Energy

It's been quite an interesting journey, with regards to the advancement of battery technologies, over the course of history, we've had the likes of the Daniel cell, Leclanche cell (still in use in our tv remotes), lead-acid battery (still in use in our petrol powered cars) and the currently and popularly used Li-ion cell/ lithium Ion cell - found in our phones and laptops. Though there are other types, the best in terms of energy storage appears to be the Li-ion battery but then, it has it's own setbacks. For example, it can explode when in contact with flames (this i have encountered on few occasions) and it's why there's normally warning on proper disposal. Imagine a Tesla car that got into an accident and potentially in flames, the battery would worsen the situation. That's just one of the many setbacks of the Li-ion battery and that's why researchers are looking for an alternative design. However, there happens to be one alternative design and unlike we (humans) that left the iron age some centuries ago, some folks (batteries) are just about to enter theirs. 😂
If you are wondering how, then keep reading

Exactly How Many Senses Do We Really Have?

If i asked how many senses we have, most would say five (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing) but it seems like there are more. Some researchers think there are over 20 of them.
That's quite weird but keep reading to find out more.

It is here we conclude today's report, have a thoughtful day and till i come your way again next week.

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