Weekly Science And Technology Reports - May 14 2023


Happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to another exciting episode of our weekly digest. Looks like the crypto market may be recovering after the initial bleeding in the past days. Let's hope this coming week turns out great.
However, I believe it's not late to start loading our bags while preparing for the greater upside, otherwise you may be missing the train of profits. 😉

Alright, let's proceed with our reports for the week.

Mankind’s Missing Puzzle Pieces: The “Deleted” Genes That Made Us Human

In all of the animal kingdom, we (humans) seem to be very unique, our morphology and most especially our cognitive abilities all seem a little bit alien and outstanding. Even our closest relatives, like the chimps (which we happen to share over 99% of genetic characteristics) are still far from looking like us or replicating some of our capabilities.
Well, it happens that during the course of evolution, some genes which are present in all other mammals including chimps were deleted and this deleted genes may have contributed to the existence of the key features that makes us humans. However, keep reading to find out more. From a philosophical stand point, i'm more interested in what caused the deletion and if it was purely a random event. Also, does it mean that if we delete those genes from Apes, they would be like us ? 😂

A Scientist Says He's Solved the Bermuda Triangle, Just Like That

I believe some of us, if not most may have come across the word "the Bermuda triangle". And just to enlighten us further, it's not actually a triangle per se, it happens that it's a part of the Atlantic Ocean lying in between three places namely, Florida, Bermuda, and the Greater Antilles. You can construct an imaginary triangle by joining those places with imaginary lines.
For quite a long time we have been getting reports of mysterious happenings in such area, like ships and airplanes disappearing without explanation and it has led most to speculate of possible supernatural forces at play. Some even go as far as thinking it's a portal to other universes (multiverse), some others think it's Aliens (extraterrestrials) at work. 😂
In this report, a researcher seems to be suggesting that the supposed mysterious happenings you hear about the Bermuda triangle could be due to probabilities, not some supernatural sh*t. In other words, unforseen natural disasters and human ignorance but keep reading to find out more.

Soap can make humans more attractive to mosquitoes, study finds

It's a known fact that mosquitoes (female) are attracted more to certain kinds of people and until recently it is believed to be those belonging to the O blood group. However, it doesn't just stop there, it happens that your bathing soap could also be a factor, including repelling mosquitoes. So, what kind of soaps attract or repel mosquitoes ?

Great question, just keep reading to find out. I on the other hand, i'm particularly interested in soaps that repel mosquitoes. 😂

Hammerhead sharks are first fish found to ‘hold their breath’

When we (with lungs) are submerged in a pool of water, we would need to hold our breathes to avoid drowning due to water filling and blocking our air spaces, if we stayed too long. Fishes on the other hand have the adaptive features to survive in water for a very long time, an example of this adaptive features is the "gills".
So no need holding their breathes while in water ?
🤔 Emmmmm...... that's what should be expected but a certain kind of fish have for the first time been spotted holding it's breathe while in water.
Hold on, it's not what you may be thinking, they still have gills and the gills are working perfectly. So, why still hold their breathes ?
The answer is keep reading

A Study Reveals Brain Hot Zones Spike in the Moments Just Before Death

We all think when we die, it's the end but the truth is nobody knows for sure. There happens to be a another reported case of a near death experience - a sudden surge of brain activity in a supposed dysfunctional brain shortly before death. Could it be a sign of another kind of consciousness ? Or a sign of the afterlife ?

I honestly don't know but keep reading to find out more.

It is here we conclude today's report, have a thought day and till i come your way again next week.

Thank you all once again for stopping by to read my jargons and also thank you @stemng, @lemouth and the @Steemstem team for your valuable supports.

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Thank you for sharing this fascinating weekly digest with us. It's always interesting to read about the latest scientific discoveries and theories.

Regarding the article about the missing genes that made us humans, I also wonder what caused the deletion and if it was purely a random event. It's fascinating to think about how such a small genetic difference can result in such significant differences in morphology and cognitive abilities.

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