Weekly Science And Technology Reports - May 21 2023


Happy Sunday guys, hope we are all feeling very great ?
Well, if you're not, i believe this weekly digest is for you. I promise you you're going to be asking for more.

Can't find your phone? There's a robot for that

When we loose certain objects we sometimes blame it on our carelessness, true but we should also realize that sometimes our memories can fail us, most especially those with a severe case of dementia. However, you don't need to worry much about loosing your properties, researchers have developed a robot that can help you find them. The title of this report uses your phone as an example and some of us may find it not very fascinating, i believe this is mostly because of the popular phone finding apps that can installed on our phones. Actually, that app only works for phones and requires the phone being tracked to be on (for receiving and sending electromagnetic radiations). This robot does more than helping you find only lost phones, it could be trained to find almost anything, including phones with no batteries.
But wait a minute, how would it be able to do it, especially gadgets that don't receive and send the kind of electromagnetic waves that phones use - like your key ?
It's actually very simple, you don't need to think too far......Just keep reading. Spoiler alert, it can't track a stolen object. 😂

Marine Bacteria Turn Up the Heat on Asbestos Detoxification

Some of us, if not most may have come across the word "asbestos" and possibly come across it physically. It is a material with exciting properties and it used to be very popular/common in some of our useable products like the asbestos roofs (for houses). Unfortunately, it was discovered that such material is actually hazardous, it's carcinogenic - capable of causing cancer. There are those who are in the habit of using rain water from the roof of their houses, if the roof is made of asbestos, you would need to be very careful as it could intoxicate the water and become harmful if consumed, including through cooking. Inhaling dust from an asbestos material is also dangerous. Now you must see why products with asbestos are no longer very common but in this report, researchers have discovered how to make it less intoxicating, it appears our little troublemakers have such ability included in their many capabilities.
Okay, what's this dude talking about, what little troublemakers ?
Why don't you slide in here to know them and more. Looks like these little troublemakers are really here to stay, let's not always be harsh on them. 😁

The earliest recorded kiss goes back at least 4,500 years to Mesopotamia

One of the most exciting aspects of a romantic relationship is kissing, especially tongue kissing 😍, to most though. The last time I kissed was not too long ago, i happened to kiss a mysterious female humanoid who happened to live in a very distant nation, called the "Imagination". 😂
Just kidding but have you wondered how it actually began or rather when and where in history it began ?
Also, what actually prompted the act ?
It happens that even until today, not much is known about kissing. Some of may think that it started relatively in recent times, probably due westernization/modernization but truth is that there's actually more to the history of kissing and a recent report which you can find here gives us some important updates and informations about the history of kissing, including how it may have helped in the spread of some diseases. 😳

NASA picks Bezos' Blue Origin to build lunar landers for moonwalkers

Gone are the days when the wealthiest men boast of their private jets, we seem to have entered a new era, where they now boast of private space shuttles. Some of us, if not most are aware of Elon Musk's Space X company but how many of us are aware of Jeff Bezos "Blue origin" company ?
The Amazon guy also happens to have his own space company.
Oh, interesting.
Well, that's not all, in this report his company just won a contract worth billions of dollars from NASA to help design a spacecraft/lander for our upcoming colonization of the moon.....keep reading to find out more, including an interesting tale of the rivalry between the two private space companies.
Welcome to the moon race. 😂

It is here we conclude today's report, have a thought day and till i come your way again next week.

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