An old cartoon : ''How to take over the world''

It's an interesting cartoon I found today.

I don't think that I need to comment it.

I just wanted to share it to Deep Dives Community.

But I would like to write about what I've seen there :

''It started by the title : ''How to take over the world''. Then it shows a guy in black who spread a gas. Then it shows a talking radio, like the mass media we have now. Then it shows closed stores and empty city. Then it shows big policemen hitting a little guy. Then it shows an exhibition of a dead guy to the crowd and everyone wears a gas mask with other people, seems punished and again spreading gas. Then it shows the guy in black hitting everyone with an injection. And in the end it's written that's a plan to own you.''


I'm not sure if the cartoon is really old, or that's made now, but in the comments of the video the one who upload it to youtube wrote this :

I think it was a mix of old and new, the words were new but the music and animation were old.

It looks of course a bit creepy, but isn't that a bit similar of what's happening now ?

I don't know where the world is going to, but we shouldn't be afraid to share what we think about the situation. We have a brain to think and a mouth to discuss what we see !