Monochrome Monday Mists

Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to share some cool misty field that we recently saw when the little man and I were out for a walk!

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Monochrome Monday Mists

The little man and I go on a lot of walks, which is good! One of these days my wife is going to be able to join us so we can all enjoy these things as a family but for the meantime, I've been able to explore these things with him. We went on a walk through a field and I saw something we don't see too often, especially late in autumn: misty ground fog!

IMG_0572 edit.jpeg

The field here was randomly found by him and I. We had something to do and went on an exploration mission while we had a little bit of time before we had to go where we needed to and it's good that the little man is always down for a journey!

The other benefit to the journey's that we go on is that it allows him to get some exercise, as well as myself of course, so often during any given day. Exercise is so important for the little ones and we don't get enough of it in these times!

IMG_0573 edit.jpeg

The field was a really cool one but what I loved about it was the seeing of the ground fog, especially because it is not common for us to see this in the daytime. It's usual something that we would see early in the morning which is good except that it's not that frequent at the moment for me to be awake and outside with the little man to see and explore these areas lol.

IMG_0574 edit.jpeg

The benefit of the swaths of land that are dedicated to the power line areas allow us to get cool glimpses of things like this!

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