Monochrome Monday Random Rivers

Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I'm putting together a few different pictures of some of the rivers I've grabbed.


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Monochrome Monday Random Rivers

It may eventually go out of style from me saying it, but damn do I love rivers! Lol. They are really fun to look at and take pictures of! I'm going to be sad when I don't live near an area that has such an expansive collection of rivers in it. Any mountainous terrain is going to have this so maybe if we just live close to the mountains! :D

Rivers flowing is certainly a favorite picture frame of mine, I love to see the movement! Still water is certainly some cool and good stuff to capture but I'm more in motion I think.

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The amount of rivers we've come across, tiny like this one or wide like some of the bigger ones, is quite remarkable. It's good that rain happens, usually, in the mountains and then just constantly drains down. I think it depends on the structure but I know in the New Hampshire mountains where these are taken, the mountains are mostly granite and rock. That means the water just flows on down them and builds up into the larger ones. Makes for great pictures while hiking!


My other favorite thing to see is bridges, preferably foot bridges, that cross these types of areas. Seeing that is a lot of fun because the pictures can come out so well on them! I will have to try and collect some more of the ones I've seen, I know I've got a bunch. Time to download those photos from my SD card onto my laptop!

The foot bridges are fun to have as an object in the background and the black and white adds a nice element to it all.


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