Red Breasted Robin Chicks


Hi fellow Avian aficionados,

Today I wanted to share the lovely little robins I found the other day!


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Red Breasted Robin Chicks

One of the things that I have certainly been on the lookout for this year more so than in years past, are new things to share with our son!

When we were walking the other day, thankfully I got the chance to do just that. I was out for a nice walk the other day with the little man and we came upon an area that had a lot of little chirping and squeaking going on. With the life popping up all around us, I've kept my ears open a little bit more than normal in hopes that I can find something interesting to show the little dude.


Sure enough, we got the opportunity! The sounds I heard was the mama getting some food for the little chicks here and she had brought it up for them to eat. I am thinking she had worms or something because she dropped it into their mouths I had seen. I heard them chirping like mad so I waited to make sure the mama flew away. She was on good mama duty that's for sure! She took off to get some more bugs for the little tackers to eat. She didn't stray too far though because she kept an eye on us when we were over there. It took me a few minutes but I was able to convince her to fly out of sight and that's when I moved in to try to gently get a picture or two.


The little ones fell completely quiet when mama left, which for good reason is their nature. They need to keep themselves quiet and hidden from the preying eyes of something like a hawk. One of the birds in another nest had unfortunately already fallen out and got eaten which was sad but that's how things go with nature.

In any case though, these little critters were trying to both hide themselves so they don't get noticed, as well as trying to poke their heads up to take a look at us and see what this big object that I stuck in the air was. My phone thankfully grabbed a decent picture or two because they were hard to get! I'm thankfully a decent height but this was ontop of a door frame so they were nicely tucked away which I liked. The corner provides excellent shelter for them from the elements as well as from predators so I really enjoyed that.


I am looking forward to when these little critters get out there and start flying! If I had the ability to, I'd set up a game camera or something nearby so that we can record it but sadly I don't have that stuff lol so I'll have to just wait for it each day on our walk to see the little ones getting bigger and bigger. They are ferocious eaters that's for sure!

It was funny, after I finished writing this I managed to snag a picture of mama and the little chicks! My phone wasn't cooperating enough to get a nice photo of the chicks standing up but mama wasn't very happy with me being where I was lol so I made it quick!


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