Pre Anniversary Dinner


It's going to be 5 years of my marriage and we wanted to go for someplace which we have not tried before together. As it was a weekend we wanted to go out today itself rather than om the weekday because we would get ample time to spend quality time together as well as have some mouth watering food.


We went to Batbeque Nation, which is a leading restaurant chain and have a concept of grill in table. The restaurant seems to be overcrowded on the weekends, so we have already booked the table for us so that we do not have yo wait for food.


Being a vegeterian we always have limited option when going out. But in the case of Barbeque Nation you will get good number of items for both Vegeterian and non vegeterian dishes. So for the Starters we have got Paneer Tikka, Pineapple Grill, Kabab, Corn Grill, Watermelon Grill and my favorite Gulab Jamun Grill. I have tried it for the first time but trust me it is one of the best grill item you can have.




Along with the buffet we have also ordered one juice for my kid which was Fruit Punch and my daughter really liked the strawberry flavor of it.


The Main course items were like Salads and Veggies along with Noodles, Pasta and some chaats. Along with Subz Biryani, but again that was not that great which we usually get outside. Since we were so full with the Starters we have not had much of the main course but only tried some if them which we thought would be good like Soup, Biryani and Noodles. Everything was good. At last we had some ice creams plus gulab jamun, the hot and cold combo. Whenever I get both of these items, I make sure I combine them and eat.


Believe me you will love the taste when the ice cream melts over the hot gulab jamun and it gets inside your mouth. My wife had never tried this before but after trying it, she too liked the combo.

Last when we were about to leave there was a small surprise for us from the restaurant and the staff came to us with the small cake for anniversary celebration.


They sang anniversary song and we cut the cake. Though it was not the actual anniversary date but we have treated it like one. May be on the actual anniversary date we wouldn't able to go out as it was a weekday.

Overall it was a nice weekend outing with good food and a good company. Though mainly people suggest to go to Barbeque Nation if you are a non vegeterian, but I would say that as a vegeterain there are ample amount if food items to try as well as you will get full once you move from Starters to salt to main course and then there is desserts and ice cream which is anytime a favorite food of everyone.


Happy Anniversary! I always enjoy reading your posts. Keep them coming!