Virtual Vespers - 29 June 2022 | Organ, prayers and readings

"Virtual Vespers" is a regular, meditative, Wednesday evening service on this channel. The organ music is provided by Phil Lehenbauer and yours truly. The readings are by David Turner. The order of service is from Universalis ( with a few modifications.

Order of service:

0:00 | Opening prayer
0:22 | Summer Prelude No. 1 - James Michael Stevens
2:38 | Psalms
4:16 | Beautiful Saviour - Phil Lehenbauer
7:58 | Canticle
9:23 | Reading / Short Responsory
10:31 | Hymn: God who made the earth and heavens
13:38 | Magnificat
14:47 | Prayers and intercessions
16:20 | God who made the earth and heavens - David Cherwein
19:15 | Prayers and intercessions
20:22 | Summer Prelude No. 5 - James Michael Stevens


Hauptwerk organ:
St. Mary, Downe - Samuel Sleath


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