Amazing Day


Yaroslav Shuraev

Amazing Day

Tony is the type who is always sad all the time and in all ways of life. Since he was born, he had never for once smiled and never for once seen something that could make him smile.

Smiling is not his likeness and something he so much cherishes in his life. He is a handsome young prince who never looks down on people except for the aspect of smiling. Everyone likes him but hates the aspect of his look. Despite lacking the ability to smile, he is always looking handsome and nice. Every girl would love to come close to him but he does reject them all.

Maryanne is the daughter of a poor trader who trades in different kinds of powders. He sells any kind of powder you can ever want, but his market has not been so favored. He goes from place to place and from Community to Community just to sell his product and yet could not yield any income. Maryanne's dad has just been trying to make his family happy by continuing the powder business.

Mr. Meta has no reason to stop his business just because of his family since he is making little income from it, but not enough to cater to his family. Something told kept on with the business that one day he shall receive a smile from someone so great. This was his instinct, but could not resist this and instead kept on with his mind.

Maryanne has been helping his dad sell his powder in the market. She always runs the different powders on her face just to make people get enticed by the aroma and the beauty behind them. His dad, Mr. Meta cannot make many sales until Maryanne goes with him to the market. Her system of bringing customers is amazing. When she rubs those powders on her face, everyone and even the one who does not want to laugh would force him or herself to laugh. She has been so funny, but then so beautiful. No one was able to identify her beauty just because of the way she dresses and the way she behaves while in the market with her dad.

Tony happened to be the prince of the land and the prince who everyone wants to love, but his nature kept on scaring people away.

One fateful day, Tony told his kinsmen "the girl that would make me feel happy and laugh would be my wife and would forever be happy". This was the statement which his kinsmen had been looking forward to hearing.

The whole Community members, both young and old were gathered and those with the talent of comedy as well as those who have an ugly look that can make one laugh until your intestines are out of you were all present. Mr. Meta has nothing to do in the palace square since he has no daughter who has the element of comedy. All his children as he believed were all too busy following him to his shop just to sell powder.

How can you follow your dad to shop when everyone and every girl in the community has gathered waiting to display their respective talents just to make the prince smile.? Abigail, Maryanne's friend, asked Maryanne. In return, Maryanne told Abigail,
I'm not the type who loves observing a scene like this. Instead, I better stay with my dad in his shop.

But young girls both old and small and even those who have no talents are all present just to witness what the outcome would look like. So, I think we should just be like an observer. Abigail told her friend, Maryanne.

But as you can see, I already had different kinds of powders rubbed on my face. How am I going to go with these on my face?

What is the reason for water being in existence?
Abigail replied.

Ok, I need to let my dad know about it. Maryanne replied.
The dad gave her a go-ahead. She was somehow excited and headed straight to wash the powder off.

As they approached, the sun was becoming tough, and it was a harmattan period. Despite the sun being tough, no one was sweating. It comes with a horrible breeze.

Everyone was gathered and the girls who had talents showcased their talents and yet the prince could not show any sign of a smile on his face.

As handsome as the prince, does he only lack this habit? Hmmmm….what a pathetic guy!!. I don't think he can smile. No one can make him smile with the look of things. He is a tough human being.

Maryanne said to Abigail.

You are right. He may not smile as you have said.
Abigail replied.

Immediately after their conversation, the prince was smiling looking in the direction of Maryanne. It was a hard and brilliant smile coming out from the prince. Everyone got confused and could not find the girl who was making Tony smile so loudly. After much focusing, they discovered that their face of Maryanne was so white just like a masquerade. Even the friend could not observe this as she was carried away by the scene.
In unison, everyone burst into laughter. They were all laughing at Maryanne's look. Before they realized it, the prince walked directly to her and proposed to her.


As unlikely as we may find this story, it still delights us. You present Tony's dilemma well. You create a sympathetic, interesting character in Maryanne. As the story develops, we expect these two to come together, and yet are happy when they do. Everybody likes a happy ending.

Thank you for sharing this story with us, @cool08 !