Cub Burns Are Making it Strong, Cub Future is Bright

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Cub is getting strong as a result of all good things happening in Cubfinance. The price of Cub seems to be picking up. The very interesting and noteable thing is the Cub Burns happening each day. Thousands of Cubs are getting removed from the circulating supply. This ensures that Cub is moving in the right direction.

As the supply is getting lowered through burns, this means is that it is very supportive of the price in the long run. With the amount of Cub burns we can say that cub is going to set new records in the upcoming day.

Cub now is trading at $0.02 so At this point i believe that still is the best opportunity to buy as much as possible. The current price is just a steal and will not be the same. Buying Cub now could be the wisest decision imho.

Cub is down a lot of its all time high value. It may touch $1 in next bull run or maybe before it. Who knows. Buy cub now and Forget it, come back in one or 2 years i believe you gonna love it.

In the end, All thanks to the hardworking Khal and team as they are doing pretty good things to provide investors with the good experience. Keep the work going.


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