Interacting With Smart Contracts Can Be Risky


If you are using Decentralized wallets like Metamask or Trust wallet then you must be interacting with different protocols and smart contracts. Its not always safe to interact with these smart contracts. When one uses Dex like Uniswap or 1inch it gives spending allowence to these protocols which means they can spend your funds.

It means that whenever someone use such protocols it has funds at risk. To make wallet safe and revoke these spending permissions can be used. It revoke all given permissions for your wallet. There are other tools for this purpose but its the best one i came across so far.

Using is as easy as one , two , three. First of all you need to open the page then connect your wallet i.e metamask or trustwallet. Choose the required chain i.e ethereum or Polygo. Then click on allowences. You will get list of all allowences if had any.

If you see any revoke button under allowence tab then click on it and confirm the transaction in your wallet. It will require small fees for completing the process. Once the transaction is confirmed your funds will be safe. Thats it. It is advised to use to check these allowences occasionally so that you dont lose your hard earned money to scammers.


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