My First Entry in LPUD , Powered Up 155 Leo

Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends.


Finally its 15th of September that means its LPUD. I have powered up 155 Leo and this is my first entry in LPUD. To qualify successfully for the LPUD I BOUGHT 300+ Leo in the last week.

After powering up 150 Leo today now i have 357 Leo Power in total. Its not that big amount but Its just the beginning as i will keep increasing it over time. I believe that i can get Handsome Leo Power stake slowly. Its all needed is comittment.


LPUD is a great idea which is very useful for the future of Leo token. I have powered up Leo because i believe in Leo. It has strong potential.

Powering up simply imcreases the strenth of the token as less coins will go to the market for sell. When someone powers up Leo then it decreases sell pressure hence the Leo price gets strong.

Another benefit of participating in LPUD is the Delegtaion rewards offered by different community members. LPUD participants have chances to win delegation in Leo from different users.

For me the Most interesting is the Bad Luck reward by onealfa. Thats totally based on Luck. You may win Big Delegation by this dude by participating in LPUD.

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Well done. Hope its not too late