Trading is not always Profitable

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As we know that Hive Platform rewards Content Creaters which is a way of earning for Both Content creaters and Curators. I assume that many of us do trade outside of Hive to make extra money.

There are many opportunities in crypto world to get a handsome living , Trading between different currrencies is one of them. But one thing is needed to keep in mind that Trading doesnt give profit always.

You need to understand that there is always a risk in trading and it depends on the Project or token that you are trading on.

There are two types of traders, one are called swing traders that do trades on regular basis to generate profit. Second type are the ones who dive in for longterm.

Swing trading may change your mind for longterm. Lets say a swing trader bought a coin and the price droped insteading of pumping, now the trader may not feel good to sell in loss hence the trader may keep the coin for longterm. We can say that swing traders sometimes are forced to go for longterm.

Well i have mixed experinece in Trading, some trades gave me profit while some were not in my favour. But overall i am in Profit.


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