Crypto Earnings Altcoin Investment Portfolio (Month #15 December 2021)

I started a small crypto altcoin portfolio with the intention to use some of my active and passive crypto earnings, reinvesting them in some 'crypto moonshots' (See Original Post). This is the update for December 2021.

For now, I will just continue building cost-averaging myself in more of these speculative altcoins and see where it all goes. The main idea remains to hit 1 or 2 really big winners that lift up all the others that go nowhere.
The 3 coins that were added last month (See Novemver Report) had mixed performances.
November Price
December Price

Haven Protocol totally tanked while Fantom did great and Render somewhat remained close to the price it was at.

December Added Coins

I just bought 2 coins this month as I haven't fully been caught up with everything the last couple of weeks.

I wrote about FUN in my Sports Betting Blockchain Report recently (Link) and it is already one of my smaller positions in my main portfolio. There are a lot of things I like to also add a bit of this token to this portfolio. All coins are in circulation, they have a ton of real users, the token is deflationary as profit gets burned, there will be a bridge to polygon along with a Sportsbook based on the betterbetting technology which I have used in the past and liked. Right now, there is also no hype whatsoever and the price is down quite a bit. I bought 16000 FUN for 0.01232$ each on Binance and I'm looking to also increase my stake in my main portfolio.

Cosmos fits in the row of smart contract chains I bought rather blindly after the price went up which kind of served me well for far. Polkadot, Cardano, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, & Fanton all fit into this list and i'm adding some Cosmos which I recently have seen more buzz about on some of the bigger youtube channels. I bought 5 ATOM each for 40.08$ also on Binance

All my buys so far...

Crypto Earnings Altcoin Investment Portfolio (05/01/2022)


The list is really starting to get big now after buying a couple coins for the last 15 months. For now, the plan is to hold and see where it goes.

MonthTotal Invested $Total Now $Total Return
September 2020216.16$216.16$-
October 2020357.20$272.25$-23.78%
November 2020357.20$292.21$-18.19%
December 2020560.55$598.48$+6.77%
January 2021796.51$1457.69$+83%
February 20211065.77$2530.42$+137.43%
March 20211392.29$3830.29$+175.11%
April 20211753.86$4317.04$+146.14%
May 20212120.31$3346.46$+57.83%
June 20212684.55$2769.70$+3.17%
July 20212777.55$3111.30$+12.02%
August 20213164.67$5477.79$+73.09%
September 20213434.67$6059.35$+76.42%
October 20214180.82$8369.64$+100.19%
November 20214833.71$9827.73$+103.32%
December 20215231.23$9827.73$+70.49%
Total BTC0,136970260,19223779+40.35%
Total Dollar5231.23$8918.86$+70.49%

There was an overall drop last month but the portfolio continues to beat Bitcoin which is one of the main objectives.
I'll be back with another update next month!

Crypto Exchanges that I am using...

Important: By no means take this post and these coins as investment advice. Rather see them as entertainment or motivation to possibly start your own altcoin portfolio growing it over time.

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Interesting read on your update here @costanza. I also hold FTM and have written my last two posts about how well this has been going, since Fantom recently passed up the Polygon blockchain for TVL, boosted by the performance of SpookySwap and Tomb Finance, each with TVLs +$1B ...

FWIW, seeing as you have chosen to get into ATOM (Cosmos) 👍, I would highly recommend you look into Osmosis. The combination of my staked ATOM (using my Keplr wallet ...) and LP positions on Osmosis holds the 2nd biggest position in my portfolio. Doing very well, especially of late ...

NFA, DYOR ... 😉

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Thanks @roleerob!
I'll have a look into it. So many of these blockchains and projects that it feels impossible to keep up.

Nice to see you are doing well with your investments!