Crypto Earnings Altcoin Investment Portfolio (Month #20 May 2022)


I started a small crypto altcoin portfolio with the intention to use some of my active and passive crypto earnings, reinvesting them in some 'crypto moonshots' (See Original Post). This is the update for May 2022.

I have not been adding coins since January 2022 which so far turned out to ge a good choice as altcoins have been bleeding like crazy. The Terra (Luna) event which had grown to my biggest position in this portfolio showed how high-risk these things really are.

One of the reason I started this portfolio is because I watch quite a lot of youtube which at times gives crazy fomo to get into certain coins hoping they will end up as a moonshot. This kind of protects me from having this as my main aproach on my real portfolio where my bigger postions are all coins I'm much closer involved with and where I fully understand the fundamental value and the risk. Like my Gambling Dapp Portfolio which is actually up this year (Link

I do plan to continue this portfolio as there will be more altcoin seasons and only 1 or 2 great wins are needed to make up for everything that went to dust. There are now 7 coins already in the portfolio that are -90% or more and I will move those to the graveyard. Some of the positions that I'm down on but still kind of believe it I might add to the position lowering my overall entry fee and if new coins pop up where I want at least something from I will also keep adding them to this portfolio.

For now I'm not adding anything just yet staying on the sideline watching the bleeding. I'm perfectly fine even if everything went to zero as this is all money I can easily miss and I'm aware and ok of the risk investing in altcoins brings about. Unfortunately, for most people in crypto this is not the case and they get totally wrecked. I also don't mind showing losses as this is all an experiment I mainly aim to learn from.

All my buys so far...

Crypto Earnings Altcoin Investment Portfolio (07/04/2022)

MonthTotal Invested $Total Now $Total Return
September 2020216.16$216.16$-
October 2020357.20$272.25$-23.78%
November 2020357.20$292.21$-18.19%
December 2020560.55$598.48$+6.77%
January 2021796.51$1457.69$+83%
February 20211065.77$2530.42$+137.43%
March 20211392.29$3830.29$+175.11%
April 20211753.86$4317.04$+146.14%
May 20212120.31$3346.46$+57.83%
June 20212684.55$2769.70$+3.17%
July 20212777.55$3111.30$+12.02%
August 20213164.67$5477.79$+73.09%
September 20213434.67$6059.35$+76.42%
October 20214180.82$8369.64$+100.19%
November 20214833.71$9827.73$+103.32%
December 20215231.23$9827.73$+70.49%
January 20225231.23$6223.74$+18.97%
March 20225231.23$5372.00$+2.69%
April 20225231.23$6133.90$+17.26%
May 20225231.23$2318.79$-55.67%
Total BTC0,136970260,07777492-43.22%
Total Dollar5231.23$2318.79$-55.67%

Last month really showed how fast things can go in crypto as a profit both in Dollars and against BTC got totally wiped out to a -55% loss. I'm not planning on selling anything as the entire setup of this portfolio is to have at least 1 or 2 coins that actually go somewhere over time.

Crypto Exchanges that I am using...

Important: By no means take this post and these coins as investment advice. Rather see them as entertainment or motivation to possibly start your own altcoin portfolio growing it over time.

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Crazy times we live in @costanza. Early on, in my choosing to invest into this new crypto asset class, there was the idea that crypto would serve as a "safe haven" in the event of any issues with other asset classes, in the "real world."

Yeah, well ...

So far, especially since the so-called "smart" (institutional) money began to invest in it, that has hardly been the case. Will this change? Of course, I do not know, but I find little to be optimistic about in the "real world" markets, so ... We may be once again entering a new round of "crypto winter" ...

I would love that to be wrong. All we can do, however it turns out, is DCA into those tokens we think have any shot at a viable future.

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