Splinterlands | Road To Completing My Chaos Legion Collection!

I continue to cost-average my way into buying Chaos Legion Cards in Splinterlands getting closer to completing my collection to compete at Silver/Gold/Diamond Level. This is a report on the progress I have been making.

Right now there is just too much too soon when it comes down to Splinterlands and I'm unable to really keep up which slowed down my progression toward a complete Chaos Legion Set. I kind of shifted to getting 100k Staked SPS and also got 10 pre-sale packs of the Tower Defense game just to have some fun with it when it gets released. Things are just way too expensive tough and I skipped on both Riftwatchers and the Runies


I still have all the Chaos Legion Summoners at level 5 and I'm tempted ti get them to Level 6 but the gap in costs also considering the cards that I would need to get at higher level is too high for the extra earnings they will bring. Instead, I'm trying to rent out the extra summoners I'm getting from reward packs.

I'm at 610 Packs bought so I will be sure to get at least 1 Legendary Jasec and I have some HBD saved up from content creating to potentially get that to level 3 depending on how much it costs.

Kelya Frendul4040100%
General Sloan4040100%
Thaddius Brood4040100%
Quix The Devious66100%
Grandmaster Rathe66100%

Legendary Cards

I was almost at a point where I completed all legendary cards and now am a bit closer also having the Queen Mycelia at Level 3 buying 3 extra cards along the way at the time when the price dipped below 10$. I also got 1 Djinn Muirat from the 100+10 packs I bought. Basically at this point I need 12 More legendary cards to have the set complete.

FireIfrit Rising66100%Yes
FireScorch Fiend11100%Yes
FireGrum Flameblade66100%Yes
WaterRiver Hellondale2633%No
WaterTorrent Fiend11100%Yes
EarthQueen Mycella66100%Yes
EarthMagnus Fiend11100%Yes
EarthIza The Fanged66100%Yes
LifeAdelaid Lifewing66100%Yes
LifeSoul Fiend11100%Yes
LifeUriel The Purifier66100%Yes
DeathDjinn Muirat1617%No
DeathCorpes Fiend11100%Yes
DeathLira The Dark66100%Yes
DragonChaos Dragon66100%Yes
DragonDesert Dragon66100%Yes
DragonZyvax Vuul66100%Yes
DragonVoid Dragon66100%Yes
DragonCarnage Titan66100%Yes
NeutralLegionnaire Alvar66100%Yes
NeutralSpirit Hoarder3650%No

I still have no intention to get the Fiend Cards at a level higher than 1 since it just doesn't give enough edge. Just being able to play a 0 mana card is enough.

Epic Cards

While I only completed the Temporal Master to Level 4, I did level up some other Epic cards to level 2 or 3 since the archmage bot tends to play lower-level monsters and it will help with my overall win-rate.

FireForgotten One52025%Yes
FireTusk The Wide42020%Yes
FireDjinn Inferni62030%Yes
WaterNerissa Tridawn82040%Yes
WaterWaver Brood112055%Yes
WaterIgor Darkspear2020100%Yes
EarthHunter Jarx112055%Yes
EarthAcid Shooter2020100%Yes
LifeTemporal Master2020100%Yes
LifeDax Paragon62030%Yes
DeathMagi Necrosi92045%Yes
DeathInsidious Warlock82040%No
DeathWeirding Warrior102050%Yes
NeutralMagi Of Chaos92045%No
NeutralGem Meteor102050%Yes

With only 4 of the 17 I still have a lot of work cut out for me in order to complete this.

Rare Cards

I actually made quite some progress on the Rare card after going on a buying spree and now also fully have the Molten Ash Golem / Mycelic Infantry / Portal Spinner / Life Sapper at level 5 as rare cards.

FireScavo Firebolt4040100%Yes
FireTenyii Striker274068%Yes
FireDijin Apprentice314078%Yes
FireMolten Ash Golem4040100%Yes
WaterAngelic Mandarin4040100%Yes
WaterMerdaali Guardian4040100%Yes
WaterRiver Nymph334083%Yes
EarthMycelic Slipspawn4040100%Yes
EarthRegal Peryton4040100%Yes
EarthGoblin Tower314078%Yes
EarthMycelic Infantry4040100%Yes
LifeCelestial Harpy4040100%Yes
LifeTime Mage4040100%Yes
LifePortal Spinner4040100%Yes
LifePelacor Erbalest4040100%Yes
DeathSoul Strageler4040100%Yes
DeathLife Sapper4040100%Yes
DeathDhampir Stalker334083%Yes
DeathCursed Windeku4040100%Yes
NeutralXenith Archer334083%No
NeutralXenith Monk4040100%Yes
NeutralVenari Spellsmith354088%Yes

15 out of 23 Rare cards are fully leveled to where I want them.

Common Cards

In this report, I also added the table from the common cards I already own. I did level op the Lava Spider to Level 5 and think it's actually better than Level 6 where it gets 1 Health less in exchange for the snare ability which makes it more vulnerable in the game rules where it is useful which is quite a strange design choise. I also bought enough copies of the Stitch Leech to level it up as the life leech ability works great for low mana game rules. I also reached 100 Scavo Hireling cards without the need to ever buy one on the market and leveld it up in one go recently.

FireRadiated Scorcher101100100%No
FireLava Spider6060100%Yes
FireRadiated Brute100100100%Yes
FireScavo Chemist100100100%Yes
FireAntoid Platoon100100100%Yes
WaterHardy Stonefish1414100%Yes
WaterKulu Swimhunter100100100%Yes
WaterCruel Sethropod100100100%Yes
WaterFlying Squid100100100%Yes
EarthMycelic Morphoid1414100%Yes
EarthVenari Knifer1414100%Yes
EarthHill Giant100100100%Yes
EarthGoblin Psychic100100100%Yes
LifeGargoya Scrapper7610076%No
LifeStitch Leech100100100%Yes
LifeBlinding reflector100100100%Yes
LifeChaos Knight100100100%Yes
DeathCarrion Shade9310093%No
DeathShadow Snitch7410074%Yes
DeathCrypt Beete7510075%Yes
DeathSilant Sha-Vii100100100%Yes
NeutralSupply Runner8110081%Yes
NeutralScavo Hireling100100100%Yes
NeutralChaos Agent6710067%No

Looking at these common cards seeing how easy and affordable it generally is to get 100 of them I am considering the option to still level my summoners to level 6 even though I'm probably not going to get myself there. Som of the cards also don't seem to be worth getting to higher level and just getting a level 3 Golden copy might be a better option.


I continue to grind my way up and only get closer to completing the Chaos Legion set with I would say the majority of the work done. I will see if I can get the remaining Legendary cards by next report. Epic cards are quite expensive right now and I'm kind of waiting for the price to dip a bit. I should also be able to closer complete the Rare cards.

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Mate, it looks like you've made some amazing progress with that collection. Wish I could say the same! I'm well short, but throwing an idea your way.

I have kept my FIRE/WATER at L5, but pushed my Obsidian - just for the reason of being able to get the Goblin Pyschic to Level 7 - at Level 7, he gets the SILENCE ability - and, all of a sudden, my win rate goes up ;)
(Ok, I also rented a cheap mushroom seer, and let the double silence destroy opponents).


Thanks for the tip! I actually have 20 extra obsidian summoners as singles rented out. I do own the Mushroon Seer at level 5 as I used to get a ton of those back when it used to be a reward card.


Must have been an awesome reward card to collect; was before my time on the blockchain unfortunately, but at least that has made it a cheap rental. Nothing wrong with that! ;)


Quite a great collection you have there and your focus to complete it is inspiring. I have kept all my packs for now thinking that maybe I will sell them when they will be Sold out, but now I am thinking that maybe it is a good opportunity to buy some CL cards from the market - at least the common ones I expect to be quite cheap.

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Good Luck, I assume it will take some time before packs go for more than 4$ on the secondary market. From everything, it looks like they went a bit too wild on the printer expecting to reach 1 Million powers while a big part of the new accounts during the boom were just bots.