Electricity and Worm Poo, a case for GIANT vegetables?? NIKOLA TESLA knew something!

Hey everyone. One of my better posts I believe which was muted yesterday for allegedly posting in the wrong community. I want this info out there, so here we go round 2 ;).

I was blessed to be born with a natural tendency and love of anything and everything nature related turns out I'm pretty decent at it too.

I have been using meal-worm castings in a comparative experiment with my Carolina Reapers for the last 3 months and have subsequently as of the last week just come across electroculture, who's heard of it? I then got experimenting.


I like experimenting and experiment I did. I always take the weakest smallest plants and try to 'revive" them with my modalities. With these two nothing new and in a mere week already marked growth improvements. Wow are we onto something here I thought as a week ago the top plant was half the size and now almost equal to it's identical neighboring counterpart.


Here my first Carolina reaper chilli growing well way ahead of it's neighboring comparative identical plant without bug sh!t. I did however just recently put an electroculture aerial in both.


What is the secret and what is electroculture? A simple dowel stick with a copper wire coiled around it to catch the earth's natural electrical field and to deliver it to the soil, enhancing and benefitting it in way I still don't totally understand.



There are many youtube videos on the topic and I am still very new to it all but in a mere week my early conclusion is that we maybe onto something here.



All the plants in these pics larger and more lush then their experimental control counterparts all have mealworm fras and or the electroculture aerial or both.



The bigger plants atleast 4-6 weeks more mature at the same age. Could this equate to higher yields, bigger vegetables and if done commercially higher profits? Absolutely.



I'll be certainly be updating with progress, possibly I achieve mega size jumbo Carolina Reaper Peppers?


Nature the incredible.

I trust you have a wonderful Tuesday
Love, light and blessings.

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