Is this the prettiest flower ever???

Hey everyone. Like something out of a movie, possibly wax model even, but as real as it gets, it certainly is, the magnificent water born lily.



These delightful water lilie's reside at my Aunts amazing complex in the heart of Johannesburg. I recently took my son over for a visit, we took a long walk through the complex and what an opportunity I grasped taking pics of these breathtakingly gorgeous water lilie's.

Wow, you certainly do learn a new thing everyday, this is the national flower of Bangladesh would you believe. Check out more here as per

Nymphaeaceae /ˌnɪmfiːˈeɪsiː/ is a family of flowering plants, commonly called water lilies. They live as rhizomatous aquatic herbs in temperate and tropical climates around the world. The family contains five genera with about 70 known species.[2] Water lilies are rooted in soil in bodies of water, with leaves and flowers floating on or emergent from the surface. Leaves are round, with a radial notch in Nymphaea and Nuphar, but fully circular in Victoria and Euryale. It is the national flower of Bangladesh.[citation needed.

Lilium is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants growing from bulbs, all with large prominent flowers. They are the true lilies. Lilies are a group of flowering plants which are important in culture and literature in much of the world. Wikipedia



Gorgeous new blooms about to pop open and expose to the world their glorious beauty. We have had tons of rain of late, a break in the weather renders the opportune time to snap some shots of this wonderful flower, raindrops accentuating it's natural beauty.


I have a few favourite flowers my number 1 is certainly the delightful orchid this certainly comes in a close second place.


These play an integral part in the ecosystem of this dam from been 'stepping stones' for water birds as well as shelter for fish.



My precious Jesse observing the ducks and gorgeous water lilies too.


Nature the incredible. I trust you have the most incredible amazing year.

Love light and blessings