Paddle boarding and enjoying the sunset at Tien Sa Retreat

Hello to everyone in the Hive community, and best wishes for a productive week ahead.

To attain balance and wellness, don't forget to spend some leisure time or participate in sports. I live and work in Da Nang on a rare lovely day during the city's annual rainy season. I enjoy working, going out, and participating in outdoor sporting activities.

For me, the smell of life, grass, and open space is the best treatment. Because the long rainy days previously had hampered so much, indoor cycling or swimming was an option. When I was at work today, I saw that the weather was beautiful; the sun was warm but not too hot, and the sky was clear and not cloudy.



I expected the sunset to be spectacular, so I invited my buddies to go paddleboarding, swimming, and viewing the sunset with me. Tien Sa Retreat, on the Son Tra peninsula, was our choice for a coastal retreat (16.12248756100715, 108.21952127289201,). This is a resort with the most beautiful bay on the Son Tra peninsula, located adjacent to Tien Sa port. The water here is exceedingly clean and quiet, and the waves are soft because it is bordered by two mountain slopes. The white sand beach runs next to the cool coconut trees, making it ideal for sunbathing.




Visitors can enter the beach, sunbathe, rent a boat, canoe, or use the swimming pool by purchasing a turn-by-turn ticket.
When I finished work, I went to pick up my younger brother to accompany me while the weather was still pleasant. The yard is very large but not overly crowded, perhaps due to the disease's influence or because few people are aware of it.


On that particular day, a group of folks was having a great time playing team-building games. Perhaps, in addition to making memories together, they will sleep soundly that night and work effectively and productively the following day.


I took advantage of the about-to-turn-red sun and hurriedly packed the stuff. Pumping while watching the kids have fun in the sea with their father. Every youngster like water and the sea, so it's simple to envision the joy of laughter as they swim in the calm, clear blue water on such a large beach. Any parent who waits for the sun to cool down before letting their children out to play is wasting their time.


On the opposite side of the cliffs, fishing enthusiasts select the most advantageous rock for themselves. I'm interested if they aim to catch fish or simply enjoy the experience of fishing. If it were up to me, I'd be overjoyed to be able to fish on such a large and tranquil beach. The spectacular Bach Ma mountain range and the Hai Van pass are on the opposite side.

Looking down at the blue water on the shore as I started rowing up to the sea, I noticed that the sand here is rather shallow, pleasant, and extremely attractive. Looking back from sup to the shore, the scene is really appealing.I believe you will enjoy it; the combination of white sand and the green color of the mountains and trees has me and my friends spellbound.



The lake began to mirror the sunset's increasingly yellow-orange hue. Because the sun is directly behind the hill that juts out into the sea, we must row in a diagonal manner in order to see it. We had no luck when the sun was concealed behind a mass of clouds in the Bach Ma mountain range, but the lower the sun went down, the more exquisite color it gave out, which was enough to please us.




In the afternoon light, a few fishermen near the shore surfed close to us on the sea. Fortunately, I was able to grab that lovely photograph because they flew by so rapidly.Someone called and inquired as to what I was rowing, so they were presumably unaware of this handy human-powered inflatable boat. When the fishermen's tanned skin is lighted by the sunset, it turns crimson, creating a distinctive and difficult-to-describe color.



We stopped rowing and allowed the water drive us away, with my companions shooting photos, swimming, or reclining on their backs, enjoying the water in a more private setting than along the coast. Everyone enjoys different things, and I adore lying on the lawn and watching the sunset and sky. Relax your feet in the warm ocean water as the waves bounce up and down, and enjoy the feast of sight and touch. I also like to go swimming and lie on my back in the water, staring up at the pure blue sky.



The red color fades with time, yet the color of the sunset, in comparison to the sunrise, has its own charm. But I don't want to make any comparisons because I adore both of them. And I want to spend my entire life observing and experiencing them. We played till the sunset and only a sliver of light shone on the sea. He hit the water flowing backward while rowing back, so he rowed as if he wasn't growing at all. Rowing to the shore takes longer than rowing to the sea.



After a refreshing bath, soup, and packing, we bid our goodbyes after fun and restful afternoon. After a long day at work, having that kind of calming time outdoors is certainly a gift to the body and mind. Feeling more in love with myself, others, and nature allows me to appreciate each and every moment of life.


Have you ever had such wonderful experiences? If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang when the pandemic situation is stabilized and the border is open, do so. You can also contact me, and I will assist you in learning more about the culture and exploring the beauty here.

Thank you to everyone who participated.



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I suddenly miss my paddle boarding experience in Oslob and Siargao here in the Philippines.

Which side of Vietnam is Da Nang?


wonderful. Surfing is harder but fun. Da Nang in the Central East of Vietnam


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Nicely written.. I cant wait to be able to visit Vietnam again.. Such a beautiful Country


Thank you very much.

My country still has many flaws, such as garbage, chaotic traffic, forests, and a devastated environment, but there are many other beautiful aspects to compensate.

We are grateful for people with generous hearts like you.