Crime Statistics in South Africa July to September 2022 is Alarming - 7,000 murdered in three months


Hello InformationWar platform! There are 3 things that have increased in recent times: inflation rate, household materials and crime statistics.



Have observed that the aforementioned statistics have been in the rise since Russia's military invasion in Ukraine. Although the first two areas aren't our concern for today's post. Today's post will focus on the quarterly crime statistics released by the South Africa police department.

The quarterly crime statistics ranges from murder, rape, kidnapping and other violent crimes in South Africa. Just stay tuned as we unveil the crime statistics for the past 3 months, which shows a rise in violent crimes within the same period bring reported.

On Wednesday, South Africa’s parliamentary portfolio committee on police heard details of the crime statistics, recording those crimes reported to the South African Police Service (SAPS) from July 1 to September 30, 2022.

The police report on crime statistics carries it that over 7,000 people have been killed from crime related issues between July 1 to September 30 in South Africa. Looking at the above statistics, one could envision the rate of violent attacks ongoing in South Africa and the height at which insecurity have reached in the African giant.

Quarterly figures showed that the murder rate rose 14 percent between July and September, compared with the same timeframe in 2021, when 6,163 people were killed.

Within this reporting period about 1000 women were killed, while 13,000 of them were several assaulted with bodily harms and about 1,277 women faced several cases of attempted murder.

“The rate at which women are abused, violated and some killed in South Africa remains worrying and unacceptable,” Police Minister Bheki Cele told a news conference.

This simply means that the government needs to put up strong security to protect her citizens, most especially the vulnerable (elderly, women and children) in the South Africa.

It's very worrisome to note that kidnapping doubled it's tally within this reporting period with about 4000 cases recorded, and rapes, in a country notorious for sex attacks against women and children, were up 11 percent, with 10,000 cases opened across the country.

Between April and September about 550 children were killed in violent attacks. Based on the above statistics, it means that the community didn't protect the vulnerable in the society and all these crimes are amounting to crimes against humanity, which is an aberation to the international humanitarian laws punishable by the International Court of Justice.

The police minister promised that 10,000 new recruits would be ready to join the police force before the Christmas and New Year period, when crime typically rises.

This is a welcomed development to help protect citizens during the Christmas holidays.

This is a call for government to strengthen it's internal security and if there's no community policing in the various communities, then the government should implement that with immediate effect.