Poverty pushes Afghan children to work at brick kilns - the Afghan child deserves the best, including good and quality education

Hello InformationWar platform! It's time to share about the implications of economic crisis and how it's affecting the family leading to constant abuse of human rights within our societies.



One of the challenge facing the United Nations at the moment is the increasing rate of child labour across the world and how the future will look like if this ills is not stopped with immediate effect.

Child labour is a major challenge facing low income countries as well as war prone areas within Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, although not predominant to these continents of the world. But the aforementioned regions are high in terms of statistics.

In the Afghan territory, child labour has been the order of the day with kids joining other family members to work on a daily basis to help augment their parents efforts to put food on the family's table.

According to a report by Save the Children, poverty that's caused by the economic challenge facing Afghanistan has led children to work in brick factories. It also said that, children aged 4 and above are working daily in those brick factories.

Nabila works 10 hours or more a day, doing the heavy, dirty labour of packing mud into moulds and hauling wheelbarrows full of bricks. At 12 years old, she has been working in brick factories for half her life now, and she is probably the oldest of all her co-workers.Source

Nabila mentioned above is a child that's 12 years old who have been working in the brick factory since she was between 5 and 6 year old. This form of child labour has eaten deep into every Afghan home, in the sense that no home in Afghan that doesn't have a child labouring for the family.

It's very devastating to note that most of the children working in the brick factories haven't attended any school in their life. This shows that the future of Afghanistan is in danger. This also shows that only children from rich homes attends school. What a pity for those children and families!

Exposing children to money and other hard works have a negative impacts on their future endeavors. A child has the right to be educated according to the universal declaration of human rights and since these children aren't educated, it's a breach of their universal right, if the Afghan constitution didn't say so.

Just like the children in the US and UK, the Afghan children needs to receive better and quality education in order to compete in the international community in the future.

I foresee crime continuing within the Afghan territory and beyond, because they society have exposed these children to money earlier than expected and when they don't see these monies in the future they'll surely engage in social vices to meet up with their needs and wants.

I join other human right groups to call on the United Nations and other powerful nations as well as International NGOs to help liberate the Afghan children from child labour in order to save the entire world in the future.

Every child deserves the best in life including good and quality education, give the Afghan child their fundamental human rights.

Thank you!