Snow Day: Thick Ice and Snow at Home [Winter Photos]


It was so great to have a true snow day.

This was actually the third day of the ice storm in our area, made up of freezing clusters of ice stacking up to form a blanket of crunchy snow.

Here in this set of images I am sharing various scenes from around the house and yard.

Front Yard


Front Corner


Below is the two shrubs I have been hedge pruning this year, attempting to build a more cloud shaped dome. With the snow cap on top, it's a bit more evident.


From the other side, I shot this photo the day before. It shows the damage it suffered a year ago when my dad had to cut away a portion to re-dig our pipes to the house. I think I have done a good job this year of carving away all the stump ends he left, but now there is plenty of bare space I cannot repair.


There are many twisted old branches visible however, which in a way makes the tree more compelling to examine than a standard topiary of perfect geometry (that never happens in nature). Perhaps one day the wood will merge and form a very interesting thick base for a valuable niwaki.

In the meantime, I have been training the nearest branches to begin to conceal this open side.

Neighbor's Yard


They have this wonderful old tree across from us that the birds enjoy roosting in. A lucky bird gets to use that nest on top to raise its chicks, to the envy of all the others.


Most people were unable to drive on this day. The streets were covered in a base layer of ice that was not melting. If your car door wasn't frozen shut, you were probably lucky to have a spot in the garage.

Cold weather doesn't stop these geese from flying where ever they want to be.

Textures of Ice


Over a quarter inch of solid ice encased the family van. With constant rainfall freezing on impact, this is what happens to the side windows.


Call me crazy, but I took some macro photos of the ice on the windows. Artists often need random-looking textures to generate realistic surfaces. I think these all show the natural ice colors, shadows/highlights, and textures really well.




Even the thinnest branches on the trees were covered in the same thick ice.



Backyard Wonderland


All the snow has been pushing hard on the back fence. It has been needing replacement supports for a few years already.

Everything else is peaceful and picturesque.




Uh-oh! Did we leave the hose water running?

Nope. Not exactly. This tip of the hose was in contact with the rain. As the rain dripped down to the end, it formed this elongated ice sculpture.


That's about it for today. I have plenty more to share coming soon, showing other aspects of the recent snowy weather in my part of the world.

Photos in this post are all #originalworks by @creativetruth, unless stated otherwise.

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