Two Trees with Natural Halloween Blood Red Color [Bonsai]


Happy Halloween!

Autumn sunlight sometimes brings the most special photo opportunities.

On this day, Halloween, I captured a few shots of my bonsai trees with exciting new colors on their leaves.

Apple Tree


Trees tend to ripen in color in stages as the days progress deeper into Autumn.

On the #apple tree I find blended shades of #orange, #red, #magenta, #green, and #yellow. The darkest magenta red tones are especially bright on the bark and leaf stems.

Here on the apple tree the top leaves change color first, while the bottom leaves, closest to the root continue to remain green.

Deciduous trees continue to absorb sunlight from the green leaves, producing as much energy as possible to store up before winter.


When temperatures decrease the tree discards the leaves that are most prone to become damaged first. When the tree has enough energy stored up, it will drop the rest of the leaves, and the green branches will develop a thicker bark jacket for protection.

Hawthorn Tree


The Hawthorn tree is a deciduous tree extremely well adapted to this climate zone, and puts on a dazzling display this time of year.


It puts on a coat of burnt umber #orange, #yellow, and #green.


The leaves become very brittle and fall off when touched.

If lucky, the leaves become a copper #red.

The blended hues are an illusion spell of candlelight flames ignited on paper.


Hidden between the murder red leaves are deadly thorns.

Sharper than a vampire's fangs. It certainly has a craving for blood.


In the right light I found a nice few of the tree shape with all of the Halloween colors.

A perfect once a year costume for this annual holiday.


Trick or Treat!

Photos in this post are all #originalworks by @creativetruth, unless stated otherwise.

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