1000 words for the beginning of 2022.


The sunset this year really feels so beautiful, today is the last day of 2021 it feels so fast. Without us realizing it was the turn of the new year, my age was growing day by day.


The sunset at the end of 2021




Hi all hive fans wherever you are, don't forget to keep living your life according to the target you want. don't be influenced by this life's atmosphere which is full of twists and turns, if you have a goal then you have to work hard to achieve it.

Vaccinations have been carried out everywhere but this very dangerous virus has not disappeared from this world, many people have ended their lives with the impact of the virus. The last few years we may have lost some friends and even close relatives who have gone before us, without us realizing this world is getting more and more problems.

Covid-19 is the name given by world health experts for a virus that became famous in 2019, I can't believe it's already 2022 but the name still worries me about the current state of the world. Is it just me or other people also think the same thing.

A health will feel valuable if you are sick or unwell, as well as our lives, we just realized that time goes very fast at the turn of the new year. In today's condition the world is too old to deal with cases that humans do on the surface of the earth. Humans have unknowingly damaged the world in which they live, as well as if the world we stand on has been damaged by human activities, we must be prepared to face the rigors of life.

Living life with many trials is something that must be lived by everyone, our life in this world is like a person who is pedaling a bicycle to achieve a goal. The faster he pedals, the faster he gets to his destination, and vice versa.



But now we are not talking about who gets to the fastest, but who can go through with the many obstacles and obstacles that he is able to face sincerely and sincerely from various worldly trials. Every human being must have his own responsibility, from there we can see how much he is able to face.

The world is a stopover for humans, but remember that there is a real journey after we are no longer in the world. We will be responsible for all what we have done, so if you want to be a lucky person in life, then try to be patient and steadfast under any circumstances.

Every prefix must have an end, just like the arrangement of letters starting from A and ending with Z. Likewise, our lives in the world which were originally only a baby who was born and will end at a predetermined time will definitely end his life in this world.

Likewise in this world starting from day to day until month turns into month and ends with the 12th month or called the end of the year, and begins with the new year. That is the reality that is lived by everyone who lives in this world.

Talking about life, we never know when we will be successful, when we will have a car for example and others, as time goes by we certainly cannot predict how our life will be in the future. So we have to be smart in living our lives.

Humans are social creatures who live a life with a lot of dependence on other people, but there are also humans who feel themselves great and arrogant in the world even though when he was first born in the world he was also helped by other people, was bathed and raised by his mother and father until he was born. mature. But there are also humans who still do not understand the importance of social life.

January 1 is a date that has been designated as the start of each year worldwide. The world is full of mysteries, said the researcher, the world is full of the magic of philosophical words, and much more. But what we must remember is that this world is only temporary, and we must not forget to remain grateful for what we have got today. Because the evidence of struggle and hard work will be seen when we are successful in doing it, not just saying it through words.

Today is the beginning of 2022, if you feel you haven't been the best for your life, then from today you have to start again until one day you will be said to be successful in the field you want. Keep the spirit in living life, because many are not grateful in life.







The majority of Indonesia's population is Muslim, and this new year is not a new year for Muslims, because Muslims have their own new year because Islam has the name of the year, namely the Hijri year. But in Indonesia there are also those who celebrate the new year of Christ especially for non-Muslims.

It doesn't feel so fast that 2021 has passed, there is nothing we can stop except for us to stop, because time will continue to run without waiting for someone. Time is so fast that we too will be left behind if we are negligent in living this life.

If we talk about life, it will definitely never end, because we are human beings who were born by a human (mother), with various limitations, humans must survive and be responsible for themselves.
That's roughly the word about short life this year, I hope my post is useful for other humans.

Maybe every human being has a way of life, I don't know how you will be in the future and vice versa. We can only move to try with all the limitations that we change to become an advantage in our lives. Not many people understand the concept of life because they are negligent in the deceptions they regard as worldly pleasures.