Let's Open a Gladius Pack and See What's Inside!


It's Gladius Case Opening Time


Let's open a Gladius Cases earned with merits from guild brawls. One card at a time, everyone knows the rules. At the end, there's an overall score for the Gladius Case.

Got it? Great.

Card #1: Isgald Vorst


For a common card, this is a monster when used properly. This may actually be the card that levels up this card to Level 2 in this collection.

Pair with a Deeplurker and let it go off. Good things may happen.

Card #2: Hugo Strongsword


It's our favorite adult film star! It's a card that is never used, let's proceed forward.

There are so many better cards to choose from in Life among the Gladius cards. Except for Helmet.

Card #3: Helmet Kharafax


And then we pull Helmet. This is the way it is going to be.

Card #4: Bertrol Gobson


Right now, the last card is guaranteed to be a Rare or better card.

So far this has been very disappointing. Two terrible Life Gladius cards and then the weaker of the Gobson siblings. Maybe this pack redeems itself at the end or not.

Card #5: Sarius


With Yodin Zaku, this is a nice card to have, but in the Fire Splinter there are better options than Sarius. Sarius does not have Snipe, Sneak nor Opportunity. This reduces the chances for bloodlust.

It is interesting how a Whistling Damon has more abilities than a Sarius and is a Common card. Whistling Damon when paired with Twisted Jester is absolutely devastating.

Final Score

This Gladius Case gets a 2 out of 10. Isgald Vorst is the highlight of this pack. It's definitely not the vorst (or... worst).