Why Aren't Splinterlands Users Being Notified of Rental Cancellations?


Nothing like having that multi-day rental get cancelled and not know it.


Imagine it, you are renting a card, it could be a monster or summoner does not matter. You have the card rented out for multiple days and you use the card, you are happy. Then you enter a brawl or tournament and want to use that card only to find it is not in your deck anymore!

  • The match rule set did not remove your rented card from being used.
  • The tournament/brawl rule set did not remove your rented card from being used.

What happened? You were rugpulled and received no notification other than a rental refund that was quietly put into your DEC/Credits holdings.

Going through the rentals that you own to see what was missing from you holdings is a massive pain and babysitting rentals (to try to account for what was cancelled) is not what the rental experience should be about.

So, here's a suggestion to @peakmonsters, if you are reading this. Have some sort of a notification within the app to let users know which cards were cancelled so that replacement is easy. Another suggestion is a notification for @splinterlands to include a notice of a rental cancellation as well, when it happens, so that renters can immediately take action and not be blindsided.