Splinterlands #75 midseason report card- 34 EOS loots earned, 5 days left

Though I am late to splinterlands party and here in only for the 4th season, I am already heavily invested in the system through hefty DEC hodling and growing card power.

The new reward system is interesting but needs more adaptation. I like the unlimited end-of-season (EOS) reward, however, the daily focus is currently non-useful to me. I already have earned 34 EOS loots but only 3 daily quest rewards. On the other hand, I have almost earned more than 40 daily quest rewards and 22 EOS loots last season. I believe EOS loots will be much better in the coming season than the previous one.


I hope that developers will change some rules for the daily quest to make it more lucrative than now. Not everybody has all the highest level summoners or monsters to win 20-25 games for the three daily quests (Silver I) while it required only 5 games in the previous reward system to earn a similar number of daily quest rewards. As a result, I am currently focusing on earning as much as EOS loots possible without giving any attention to the daily focus quests at all.


I have already played 623 games in this season versus 927 last season. There are still 5 days left, let us see if I can cross the last season's game numbers. My win ratio suffered a little bit from the last season's: 1.14 versus 1.2. The reason could be that gamers are actively playing this season for more EOS loots than previous seasons.


I have invested heavily in the water elements. My water summoner is of level 4 versus the death of level 3 and all other summoner is of level 2. Unfortunately, playing with daily focus (e.g. fire or light or earth) is overwhelming and depressing due to having less powerful summoners and monsters. Though I have a plan to upgrade them to level 4, it will take some time unless DEC shoots up very quickly.

I am waiting patiently to see some appreciation for DEC's value. The economic activity behind the DEC creation is quite spectacular. The human effort put to mint new DEC looks undervalued as it earns about 1-2 cents even at GOLD level for 5 minutes intensive playing. Moreover, DEC at its peak was around 1.5 cents. DEC is down almost 15 times. My plan is to invest 1M DEC to card power when DEC recovers to 5X which is 0.5c, finger crossed.

In the meantime, I am upgrading 2-5 monsters weekly and buying 1-2 chaos packs weekly to get up the ladder. In the meantime, learning new techniques in battle does not hurt much.

Thanks for reading,

Futurist and Investor (HIVE ecosystem)