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I disagree as what Ireland achieved was huge and will never happen again. The All Blacks will bounce back whether with this coach or another as they always do. Rugby is a religion for New Zealand so this isn't normal. I watched an interview with Steve Hansen (ex All Blacks coach) and he stated the structures are all wrong from junior level up. The young players are not good enough as they are not dominating junior rugby and it may be as simple as them not recruiting the Samoans and Tongans like they have in the past. South Africa was in a bad way only 5 years ago and they have turned things around by having the right people in charge. Some of the coaches before were mainly there for window dressing as the sport became too political which it still is. We are the only country in the world that has to have so many players of color even if hey are not good enough. Thankfully their standards have risen and it is not a big issue any more but it was a handicap the team had for the last 25 years.