The Passenger

The Passenger

One day I'll be free but nothing is working

What released me before does not anymore

I'm humbled mighty lord what more do you want

All I have now is pain and experience

What could I possibly do with this, what good

Time itself is my greatest enemy

My soul now underwater slowly drowning

When will my nightmares become realities?

My greatest fears that I never imagined

I'm simply just a passenger in this life

There's no controlling this invisible war

Will my mind finally break, will I rise?

Today I could die then what, no purpose known

Are we born with our fates because it feels so

I think in my current condition my mind is still a bit fried but I would like to express myself in some way. I have been undergoing some pretty extreme treatment to deal with some chronic pain I suffer with. I finally am starting to have hope. I have a unique condition similar to Fibromyalgia but much much worse...
I honestly thought the other day I was going to die after I had a severe reaction to some new medication. I completely hit rock bottom. This is some thoughts I have presented as a sonnet


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