A hidden gem with 781.18% ROI



Enough with jokes, Hive isn't hidden, in fact is in plain sight for almost 2 years offering great great utility to those who want to get it, it has great and big community, it's fast and most important its feeless!

The 1.27$ makes me happy to see but i believe everything under 5-7$ for Hive is just a buying opportunity for long term investors.
Hive will thrive sooner of later, just make sure you'll get on board before it's too late.


I've made a mistake here, the long term investors doesn't fit anymore, if you bought Hive 10 day ago (when i wrote that post) you could have double your money already.
For all the immigrant Hivers (there are those who choose STEEM LOL) this moment is great and it's only the begging.
Hive since it's launch has 781.18% ROI for those who "bet" their money on that time, its has even greater for those who choose to buy instead of sell in difficult moments (0.086$ ATL) and im happy being one of them (not a big buyer but when i had the opportunity i bought Hive).
Next time you'll search for hidden gems with potential big growth, just forget the"hidden" part and look better for projects like Hive that is not hidden.

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