I Haven't Ate Dinner Today



My stomach is not conditioned to take any food this evening so I just decided not to eat anything because it feels like I would not feel well even if I would eat. I will just try to catch up tomorrow for my dialysis and fill myself to the brim.

It is only at dialysis that I could eat normally after there is a substantial cleaning to my blood, my appetite returns and I could eat like a normal person would. That is why I am longing for a more frequent dialysis sessions but it would be very time-consuming as well draining my funds fast.

Maybe soon I can be able to go more frequently at dialysis when I am financially more free plus I am still waiting for my government health insurance to give me more dialysis allocations so that at least I can have a more frequent days that I can enjoy food.

My typical day is to lose appetite after taking my Parathyroid medication which is why sometimes I could not eat supper anymore considering that I only eat twice a day. But definitely I can be able to eat like a pig if I would have frequent sessions which at this point is just a dream.

I do not want to live this way but this is my life and I have to suck it up otherwise I will capitulate faster than 4:00 AM. The fight is still on and I believe that I will just die fighting without any glory or a trophy, just a milestone that I had gotten this far.