I'm Wishing That A Vaccine Will Get Developed Soon For CoViD-19



There are so much damages being done by this very transmissible disease, the corona virus as markets had plunged fueled by oil price war which also affected the cryptocurrency prices. Of course most of all the human lives are so affected plus the disruption to everyone's work, school, business, and the day to day living.

I am also worried that my loved ones or relatives especially my parents would fall ill to this disease, it will surely affect us their children particularly me that now needs their support more than ever. If only I could walk freely then I might de-couple from my parents but I am disabled and I have to accept the fact that I am in a state that I needed someone to help me move around.

I do not want to be a burden to my siblings, I rather hire someone to help me because my siblings have a family of their own and I do not want to bother them plus of course my in-laws are not really my blood relatives.

Well if one of them would take me in I will not say no because I have no choice anyway which is why I wanted to be financially more free so that I can hire someone that could help me with my daily living. I do not require much physical help anyway because I can still stand and walk a little and "work" online to be more productive.

So my worry really is to lose one or some of my loved ones because we just are a small family and it is painful to fall ill to a disease with currently have no cure yet. That is why I hope that they would develop a vaccine soon so that a world-wide destruction and disruption to human lives and the economy would finally be stopped so that we can all return to our normal routines and wash-away our fears about this terrible disease caused by the corona virus.