Ethereum Is Getting Ready For A Massive Move! Technical Market And Price Analysis


The market in ethereum around that time and it didn't even do it matter of fact the price continue to go higher and each trading day and then emphatically it broke our support area there on July the 5th it broke that support area around 2,300 dollar on july.
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We've been going a lot higher in price if we were to get out we'd be up about and it will go way because every prediction every forecast is not going to be right. when you get these type of instances what you need to do is learn from it we would have realized that this prediction was true you tell that since our prediction.
We haven't received any indication of strength from july 2nd the third the first indication that our prediction may be incorrect the market has been trading was nothing but weakness and at some point you got to cut those losses this is how you're able to learn and understand language analysis is that every trading day.
The trap was continuing letting us know i'm trying to
take this price lower i'm trying to give you a heads up i'm trying to get out your position before a bigger move to the upside you pay attention we come into the market in the cryptocurrency especially even in market.

We get so consumed of wanting to be your emotions your mind makes you feel a certain type of way. you're investing you need to be real with yourself and take what the market is giving you the market is not going to tell you any sstories.

It's not going to lie you the truth and every day since we did our price prediction and been telling us the truth i'm trying to take this price higher.

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