Axie Infinity Buffs and Nerfs Analysis (Seasson 20 1st patch)

axie buff nerf analysis.png

Yesterday it was released the 1st balancing patch for Season 20.
I will analyse the differences between Season 19 and this balacing patch.

You shall take in mind the balancing released today cannot be the final one for the Season 20 since the new season will only start in 2 weeks and Sky Mavis can do more changes in order to avoid some OP combined cards.

In the below image will have the attack and deffend stats for each card that was balanced.


CardsSeason 19Season 20 (1st patch)Comments
Gravel Ant30 - 3030 - 30In this case the change it was now to trigger the disable of all melee cards it is necessary to be combined with other card. In my opinion I think this irrelevant since most of the plants that uses this cards have a 0 cost.
Twin Tail40 - 035 - 0I think Twin Tail it was OP about the card damage. The problem in season 19 it was the skill formula.
Cerastes90 - 6080 - 60This nerf it makes sence since dealing 152 flat damage to aquas and birs it was litle bit too much.
Hero60 - 055 - 0-
Dark Swoop20 - 010 - 0I really dont understand this nerf. Unless it like a change that you cannot one shot like a back lane aqua.
Wing Horn50 - 1040 - 20This is more a balance than a nerf. Since this is almost used in posion team it will continue to work fine.
Sneaky Raid20 - 4020 - 30-
Pupae70 - 065 - 0Same reductiong as Twin Tail.
Bidens0 - 500 - 45This a good wuality of life.
ZigZag60 - 6055 - 55Since most plants that uses Bidens also uses ZigZag I think this is too much nerf for one axie.
Hare120 - 30115 - 20This is a huge nerf on Hare but I think that should not exist cards with 150 stats in total. So I think this is ok to game life.
Fish Snack60 - 9060 - 80This should be decent nerf but it will not make double bug teams dont work anymore.
Grass Snake20 - 3020 - 20-
Anemone80 - 3570 - 30It is the second time that Anemone were nerfed in a row. This can make a lot of scholars struggle since last season a lot of scholarships were using this comp.
Anemone80 - 3570 - 30-
Pocky125 - 20120 - 205 less damage it is ok. I think that could be changed to only deal more damage taking in consideration the bugs that are alive.
Hot Butt90 - 5080 - 50I dont though Hot Butt will be nerfed. In my opinion it was a nice plant card.
Eggshell120 - 0110 - 0This nerf plus the Anemone nerf maybe RIP the double Anemone Bird comps.
Bone Sail80 - 8070 - 70In this case it was also fixed a bug since if we played 2 bone sails and the shield was broken only 1 card was drawing instead of 2 cards.
Cactus115 - 20110 - 20Reverted from the las Season buf.
Pincer20 - 020 - 0To discard an opponent card it is necessary to combine this card with other.
Parasite90 - 5080 - 50To discard an opponent card it is necessary to combine this card with other.
Oranda120 - 30110 - 25I am not a fan of this nerf since there is practically no good aqua horn with this nerf.
Shrimp30 - 3025 - 30I really dont understand this nerf. Unless it like a change that you cannot more do a one shoot in a backdoor.
Scarab110 - 40110 - 40Scarab it was not nerfed or buffed. The change is related with the fact now it is really considered as a debuf. This means now you can clear it for example with Biddens.
Sponge60 - 9070 - 95Fixed the Sponge mechanic only it will be only trigger once per round. But now it has a combined 165 total stats. I think this is too much to one card.
Arco100 - 50100 - 45Now to Apply speed + it is necessary to combine this card with other card.
Little Branch125 -25125 - 25Little Branch was not nerfed or buffed. They just correct the text to be more clear the card utility. To increase the crintical chance it needs to combine with two plant cards.


CardsSeason 19Season 20 (1st patch)Comments
Risky Fish105 - 20105 - 25In my opinion the buff of 5 shield maybe it is not enough to make this card good again.
Shoal Star110 - 10115 - 15This change makes again this card really good. Since Oranda it was nerfed this will be the best aqua horn card.
Cuckoo0 - 300 - 35-
Cupid120 - 20120 - 30-
Lagging0 - 300 - 35-
Silence Whisper0 - 400 - 40This card it was changed to heal the axie in case to not have a front teammate. This is a very good chance since now this card able utility in front line or back line in a 1v1 scenario.
Tiny Dino80 - 4085 - 40I think this buff it was not necessary the card was already balanced.
Hermit0 - 1150 - 120-
Bambo Shoot80 - 7080 - 80-
Cloud100 - 50110 - 40This is a good "buff" since adds one more possibility to use in a backline bird.
Hungry Bird110 - 40120 - 30I like this buff now we can use this card to kill an opponent and be a good substitue of Peacemaker.
Trump120 - 30125 - 35This buff can make triple Trump teams a good meta meta team.
Confindent0 - 300 - 40-
Potato Leaf70 - 8080 - 80-
Imp80 - 3090 - 30This is a good buff since until now this card was only used to generate energy and now have a really attack.
Gila100 - 55100 - 65-
Catfish80 - 3090 - 30I think making 80 - 40 it would be better and will be equal to mosquito.
Rice80 - 1090 - 20-
Carrot70 - 4080 - 40Taking consideration the Hot But nerf and this buff maybe Carrot will return to the high MMR teams since this card have also the utility to generate energy.
Raven110 - 30120 - 30Another position that can be take in consideration to the bird backline
Gerbil40 - 2050 - 20-
Feather Fan40 - 9080 - 50I think this card will steal to be useless maybe taking in consideration this buff.
Caterpillars100 - 50110 - 60Since Arco it was nerfed and now this card have a total stats of 170 maybe I can start people using more this horn.
Timber80 - 8090 - 80-

I think they have mistaked in some cards balancing let see an example:

Look to these two Axies



These two axies are able to have a more than 215 shield and more than 260 damage.

In my opinion this is two much for one Axie.

What is your opinion about this 1st balancing for Season 20?