Content Curation Strategy



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Content curation is very important whether in communities with their own token, such as @vyb.vyb, @leofinance, @proofofbrain, @hive-102223 (created by @flauwy), without communities that do not have their own token like for example Hive Gaming, OCD, among others.

However I am fully aware that I don't have the skills and time to curate the best way and make sure I'm giving UpVotes on the content that really deserves UpVotes.
Because of this I decided to use a different strategy which is to follow curation trails, which are not used for exchanging votes, or to delegate my tokens to specific community curation projects.

In the question related to following curation trails, I know that I may have a small problem, which is the fact that I don't want to have several alternative accounts for each community and as this I run the risk of my voting power reaching 70%. I can no longer cast votes on the trails.

After having seen @onealfa's post on VYB curation and having seen the big concern he has when curating at leofinance, I decided to check out all the trails he has.

Taking this into account I defined the following strategy:

During times I will have to monetize the voting power and see if I will have to create some alternative accounts or not.

Well, I am trying to be more involved in some way in community curation.

Let's see what will happen.