Axie Infinity Progress - 20/12/2021


On a previous post I shared that I was playing Axie Infinity using a Plant Beast Terminator team.

old team.jpg

I was having a lot of difficulties to be able to go up then 1350 MMR since terminator was nerfed and in a lot of scenarios where I matched against a heal axies like double anemone or even plants in the 1X1 the Terminator didn’t have a lot of damage to win the match.

So I decided to search for a new scholarship that can give me a different team that will make me improve my skills because until that moment I only had played with a Terminator team.

After some research I founded a new scholarship where the manager likes to debate things related with the team gameplay and meta teams.

Currently, I am playing with a triple antenna cute bunny team.
Using this team the match can be longer due to the fact the team with to do certain combos to trigger some cards effects like to apply fear I always need to play another bug card.


The team composition are the following:

  • Plant -> carrot, Antenna, Cute Bunny, Green Thorns
  • Bug -> carrot, antenna, cute bunny, garish worm
  • Dusk -> cottontail, antenna, cute bunny, garish worm

Now, I am learning to play with this team, and I am at 1254 MMR.
These are some of my today matches.

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I'm thinking about changing the video so that instead of having just a few games, I have my analysis in which I can explain why I decide to play those cards and why.
However, I don't have much experience in this.

Would you rather have an analysis of the plays or simply have a video where I show 3 of my games without analysis?

Comment which ones you think would be best.

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