Hive Witnesses Update #2


Gif made by @doze

Since have past more than an year from my last witnesses vote review/update, today I decided to check my votes and added 3 more witnesses to my list.


Why I decided to vote on these witnesses?

@fbslo -> I chatted with him on discord about Goose forks contract and he help me for free to know how to implement one in BSC testnet. He could have just ignored me since we don't know each other but he had the spirit of between helping and patience to explain things to me. This is the kind of attitude that I identify with and that in my opinion there should be more in our community.

@themarkymark -> Marky it is very ative in our community. He is always developing or improving something. Latest development it was @punksonhive that I like it. So I decided to vote on him.

@threespeak -> I started to use to upload some videos on hive. I think that is a good project that is necessary. of course, it needs some upgrades but it will take time.

I have available 16 votes but since I dont want to vote just because people there are on top witnessses I will keap it to use to vote on witnesses that I like the project or I really talked with him and liked the way they think.