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This is an article that I wanted to write some time ago but I was not able to have the needed free time to do it. However after I read the @nathanmars post I decided to write it since it can help us as community re-think some things.

Hive it is a huge blockchain that have a lot of potential but I think that is necessary to do some thing to attract new projects to our ecosystem.
(This article will never talk about Hive price since that is not the point.)

Let's start to share some ideas:

1. Hive on Twitter

I know that we have some community members doing comments on tweets related with web3, censorship, etc in order to try to spread Hive for more people.


Is this the smartest and most effective move to try to bring attention to Hive? or Do the people see this as an army that is just spamming tweets to promote something?

We should think about this question.

For example:
Some days ago I saw two opportunities to try to talk with two play2earn projects, that I am currently playing, and share some ideas about using web3 and of course using Hive.
The projects are Axie Infinity and Pegaxy.



What would be my objective with this?

Axie Infinity would never change the game to Hive as they created their own network for it so the aim would be for them to use hive as a web3 platform to publish the announcements they make. This way hive would be accessed and seen by millions of people in the world and who knows and bring Axie-related content creators here.

In the case of Pegaxy, it would have the same objective as Axie Infinity but since Polygon's network has been suffering from higher fees, it was showing a possibility of the game existing on a fee-free blockchain and that it already has a very successful game like is the case of @splinterlands.

Will I ever get an answer to those messages?

Maybe not but I'm a nobody on Twitter so I end up going unnoticed on mine with so many messages they must receive.

This leads me to another issue which is the fact that we don't have "a face" that can give interviews to some youtubers or to sites related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies but it could also be with "traditional" sites related to technology this would make the Hive ends up reaching many more people.

Since the DHF has funds available, could we not create a team led for example by @theycallmedan that would aim to get in touch with youtubers and important sites in order to have an interview where we could talk about Hive and demonstrate the strengths and all sorts of functionality that we already have and the ones we support?

I think this could be an asset for Hive to be known to more people and potentially we can increase the number of active users and contribute to the development of our ecosystem.

2. How to start tutorial

I know that @hivebuzz has a Tour that ends up going through several steps that a new user must learn however a new user or a potential user is not aware of the existence of the HiveBuzz at least do the first post on Hive.

In the same way that on the website https://hive.io/ we have a part for Developers, I think it could be beneficial to have one for the user's point of view in which several key concepts of our ecosystem are addressed, such as what is Power Up, Voting Power, Hive Power, Resource Credits, etc.

For us who already use Hive, it's easy and we know what they are, but for new users it's not quite like that and it's something that can be confusing to newbies.

3. Play2Earn

In 2021, the fever of games using blockchain technology has already started and Hive, in my opinion, has a grid use case in this theme.

Last year several games were created on different blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, etc.

However, we did not see these projects equating our blockchain.

I wonder why? Why don't you know us? Why in the blockchains that use Ethereum's EVM is there more information for developers to consult and have support to develop their projects?

I don't know the exact reason why this happens as we are the fastest blockchain at processing fee-free transactions.

This was something that the team that I mentioned that could be created could analyze and understand what is missing for us to be within the blockchain options to develop the Play2Earn project.

I hope that this helps us to rethink some things and that we improve for our ecosystem to grow in a sustainable way, bringing more and more innovative dApps.

(P.S: Leave your opinion on these questions because with an exchange of ideas you can sometimes discover good ideas.)


I used to stream Axie on DLive and Jihoz follows me on twitter. They created an account and I started posting information on Axie when they first came out but it never took off. Axie Buzz does a pretty good job of combining the community to show how they can earn on hive.

I'm not sure the love for Medium with crypto announcements. Seems to me that crypto projects would want to promote their stuff on platforms with other crypto followers.

Since the fork, I think Hive has gained a desire to cooperate more than be tribal and with this I think we really should start normalizing crypto projects posting on Hive.

I will reach out to Jihoz and see if there is any synergy we can work on.


I also dont know why every crypto project uses Medium or Substack to publish the announcements.
Maybe your are right and become a standrad in crypto to use it and now all the projects uses just because of that.

That will really cool if you be able to reach out Jihoz even just for we see if there is any senergy to create something on Hive.