My Handball Career 2022/2023 #2

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This week was a little difference.
We are one week away from the start of the championship and because of that our coach changed the training calendar.
Instead, to have 3/4 team practices, we had 3 friendly matches and 1 team practices.

The first friendly match was against Padroense F.C., a 3rd division club of different group, and we won the match by two goals of difference, but we played bad.

We made a lot of basic mistakes in the attack and in the defense.
For me, since I am a goalkeeper, the basic defense worries me more because if in the 2nd division the games were won mostly for the best defense I think in 3rd defense will be even more important.

The second friendly match was against Gondomar Cultural, a team recently promoted to the 2nd division, and we lost by 8 goals. On the halftime the game was tied 18-18 but in the second half we significantly worsened our quality of play and ended up making even more mistakes than in the first game.

The third friendly match was against A.D. Modicus, a 2nd division club, and we won the game by 10 goals of difference. However, it was a bad game.
We continue to do basic mistakes on attack and on defense.
It was good to win the game against a 2nd division club, but currently we should be in a better situation since we will start the championship, and we cannot do so many basic mistakes.

I hope will do better on next Saturday in our first championship match.