My Handball Career 2022/2023 #6

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Last week I forgot to share my handball career summary since I had one game two Portuguese Cup, and it was on a Tuesday.


We face a team from the second division in the second round of the Portuguese Cup.
Despite being against a team from the second division, we knew that we had the courage to fight for the victory.

We started the game a little nervous, but I think that's normal since 97% of our players have never played a single season in the second division.

This was mainly reflected in our defense where we couldn't be at the level we used to be and ended up conceding too many goals in the first half 17.

At half-time we were losing (13-17), but we never considered giving up because we knew they weren't too superior to us.

We came back for the second half with the will to show that we were worth more than we were playing.

Our defense improved, and we managed to recover from a deficit of 6 goals to a disadvantage of one goal.

However, it wasn't enough, and we ended up losing by two goals (30-32).

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This week we had a double shift, that is, we had a game on Saturday and a game on Sunday. This is a Sunday game against a direct competitor to qualify for the next stage.


The first game this weekend against Boavista B was a one-way game where early in the game we managed to create an advantage on the scoreboard.

At halftime, the score was 13-9.

This allowed our coach to manage the squad, taking into account that the next day we had an important game for our goals.

In the second half, the game continued in the same direction, and we ended up winning by 32-22.


This was an important and attractive game, as two of the three candidate teams to qualify for the next phase were facing each other.

In addition, we had already faced each other in the first round of the cup where we won the game by 8 goals difference.

We defended very well in the first half, but we had too many missed shots in the first half and had some difficulty in creating clear finishing situations.

The halftime game was 9-8.

In the second half the game continued to be close, the biggest advantage that existed in the marker was 4 goals advantage for our team, but Estrela Vigorosa never gave up having ended the game with the result 21-19.


At the moment we are one of the two teams that only have wins in the four games played. We are also the team with the best defense with only 81 goals conceded in 4 (average of 20.25 goals per game).

However, I have some concerns about our attack which is something we need to improve.


Season Calendar

08/10/2022AD Godim vs AD Carvalhos19-31
22/10/2022AD Carvalhos vs Estrela Vigorosa Sport (Cup)32-24
29/10/2022GC Tarouca vs AD Carvalhos21-24
01/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Arsenal Devesas (Cup)30-32
12/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Boavista 'B'32-22
13/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Estrala Vigorosa Sport21-19
19/11/2022FC Gaia B vs AD Carvalhos
26/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Académico FC
03/12/2022AD Carvalhos vs AD Godim
08/12/2022Estrela Vigorosa Sport vs AD Carvalhos
17/12/2022AD Carvalhos vs GC Tarouca
21/01/2023Boavista 'B' vs AD Carvalhos
28/01/2023AD Carvalhos vs FC Gaia 'B'
04/02/2023Académico FC vs AD Carvalhos

Next week we will play again FC Gaia B, the other time that only has victories until now.
That will be a good game!