12 Next Level Science Desk Toys/Gadgets!


I get asked often: "Where did you get all this stuff?" My goal is to share the real magic of science and physics- and to this end I will update here (and in my store) suggestions on where to get some of these toys, kinetic art pieces, and scientific curiosities for yourself.

  1. The HoverPen: A sleek writing pen trapped against gravity- at an elegant angle- by a magnetic field via precision engineered placement of neodymium magnets in the base. Get this 2D magnetic trap from @thehoverpen on KickStarter now.

  2. Vsauce Mirror Anamorphosis: the warped printed image is restored only with a mirror in the form of cylinder- when placed carefully in the center of the image, Kevin, Michael, and Jake appear in their true form.

  3. Mirror Anamorphosis: this vintage card from 1984 contains a cylindrical mirror anamorphic image. Lady Liberty is revealed by bending the flexible Mylar mirror in to a half cylinder. The math describing this mapping is quite complex and was given in detail in a physics journal in 2000.

  4. Fog Globe: an ideal souvenir for a San Francisco winter- snow is very rare (1976 recoded one inch downtown) but prolonged fog marks the winter season. The “fog” in this globe consists of small glitter particles of uniform density that can be agitated into temporary suspension and then allowed to settle on the bottom giving the impression of dissipating fog

  1. Novatrope: this electro-kinetic sculpture uses strobing LEDs to animate a fractal inspired spiral geometry- similar to a 3D zoetrope. Each Novatrope comes with multiple 3D printed translucent sculptures, each based on phyllotactic spirals such as the well known Fibonacci curve, each producing its own interesting shape and perceived motion- as seen in this compilation.

  2. Equilibrium Puzzle Mobile: delicate balance and correct assemble sequence is the key. My favorite puzzles are the ones that involve physics in the solution.

  3. Equilateral Triangular Kaleidoscope: three mirrors arranged in a 60-60-60 degree triangle creates the appearance of a plane filled with triangles (or equivalently a honeycomb lattice)- perhaps the most common mirror configuration design, this inexpensive kaleidoscope produces an excellent example of the reflection pattern. As a bonus the exterior tube on this scope incorporates a kinetic Moirè pattern.

  4. Polarized Light Cell Kaleidoscope: the amazing colors you see from the object cell of this 3 mirror kaleidoscope are generated by manipulating the polarization of light- the object in the clear wand is a strip of clear cellophane in oil which has the property of optical rotation. This property allows for an incredible range of color formation when placed between two linear polarization filters. A creation of kaleidoscope artist Ron Kuhns.

  5. Tensegrity Table: A wonderful three string version of the suspension equilibrium table. The LUNA tensegrity stand is 3D printed and then painted by hand, with designer Anthony Yap incorporating a celestial moon phase motif to nice effect, and clear nylon fishing line for an almost invisible means of support.

  6. Tapered Mirrors Kaleidoscope: the design of this teleidoscope uses three mirrors to create an image of a geodesic sphere. A blue laser pointer reveals some of the complexity of the repeated reflections. Three mirrors in an equilateral triangle configuration will produce a plane of tiled triangles, but if they are tapered the repeated reflections curve to infinity creating the sphere.

  7. Chorus Line Kaleidoscope

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